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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Feb 01, 2018

When I tell you February is the month for celebrating love, what’s your visceral reaction?  Are you one of those people who dread Valentine’s Day or do you get all squishy and excited when you pass by the pink and red boxes of candy that seem to fill every store?  My perspective on it has varied over the years depending on how I’m feeling emotionally.  Some years I think it’s lovely that we are reminded to celebrate our love for each other, and others I’ve only found joy the day all the unsold candy goes on sale.  Sound familiar?  Wouldn’t the world be a happier place if dogs got to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too?

First of all, I have to remind you how much your dog loves you.  The ones who would run out and buy all the heart shaped boxes loaded with chocolate are the ones who are the most vocal about this in readings.  It’s like they are your marketing guru and it’s their job to convince me just how perfect you really are.  Of course, most people want to know if their pets know how much they’re loved and if there’s anything else they could do to make them even happier.  The dogs are usually looking at me as if to say, “DUH!  Of COURSE I know!  I’m awesome!” and then they gush about how much they love you, too!  I recently had one dog energetically lean in to me and kind of point at the owner and whisper, “Are they serious?  Do you get a lot of people asking this?”  I burst out laughing and had to explain that her dog thought that question was a waste of time.

Another thing that’s associated with the love holiday is celebrating your love by giving your partner a gift.  When taking your dog to its favorite store to pick out a new toy or treat, most people wait to see what gets it the most excited and then happily get the toy or treat for it.  Why?  Because you love your dog so much it’s fulfilling to watch it dance around with joy!  When someone asks you what you want as a token of the dog’s love, speak up!  I challenge you not to say, “Oh, whatever you get will be fine…..”  Really?  Then maybe you’ll just get a dog treat, too!  Just kidding.  If you’re reading this, you’d be happy to pass it along to your pup, so that’s a bad example.  But be like your dog:  ask for what you want and be clear about it!

Remember that you are just as awesome as your dog thinks you are.  If you tell your dog it is just the sweetest, most beautiful thing ever, it KNOWS you are telling the truth and the dog believes it. Why wouldn’t it? You said it, so it must be true!  When someone tells you the same, I bet that more often than not you bumble through some awkward excuse for why that person is wrong.  Stop it!  Say thank you!  Be like your dog!  Smile, stand proud and if even for a moment, let yourself be loved!

Finally, there are the people who have no one to go home to on this holiday meant for lovers.  Well, if you have a dog, this statement is null and void.  Your dog will always be happy to see you!  It will not judge you, you don’t even need to get it anything (although many have requested things in readings) and since chocolate is toxic to dogs, you get to eat it all yourself!  Sometimes a snuggle with your four legged is better than anything else.  Just be sure to tell your dog how much you love it, and maybe even tell it why.  I’m sure it will let you know the feeling is mutual.

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