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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Apr 01, 2018

For the April Edition of Furry Words, I asked for some suggestions about what to write about, and I’m thrilled with the comments you left me! A few themes included: how do dogs communicate with us, how do they feel about us when we have to make the decision to cross the rainbow bridge, what do some shelter or newly rescued dogs like to talk about, and what wisdom have I gleaned from my years as an animal communicator. I’m sure I could (and someday probably will) write a novel on each of these topics, but for now, I’ll answer those as best I can and still fit it into this column.

Dogs, cats, energy, and spirts are always trying to communicate with us! Sometimes we’re too busy in our day to day to notice or are just tuned out in general. I know they’re trying to get my attention when my ear pressure changes or one ear gets tickly. My right side usually means it’s a female, and on the other side (my left side) is a male who is trying to say hello. I also will physically feel what they’re feeling. This means if I’m reading your dog and my left hip and right shoulder start aching, odds are it’s not me I’m feeling. My sense of taste is a favorite way for animals to tell me what they want for special treats. I hate all frozen berries, so if they show me frozen strawberries, not only do I taste them, I wince because I can feel them in my teeth. It’s still preferred over dogs who love to eat gross things, but it still elicits a visceral reaction from me! The other way is that they try to show me. I see their thoughts the same way I see a memory of something. It’s sort of in my head, but not really concrete. Pay attention and use all your senses to see what way they’re trying to “tell” you!

Do they miss other pets who’ve gone to heaven and if they’re the one over there, do they miss you? Um, no. Not usually. Some are ready for a new pet immediately, and others LOVE being the center of attention. Do they miss you? I wish I could tell you they do, but they don’t view death the way most of us with limiting beliefs do, so no. They usually don’t. Heaven is kind of all around us, and if I’m talking to them in a reading they’re with you and part of the conversation, so they can’t really miss you. Time on the other side is nothing like our earthly time here, so when we think that it’ll be years before we’re reunited, they see it as more like a few minutes. The other side isn’t a punishment, either. They love it! Can you imagine not having any pain, worries, still being able to check in with your loved ones who walk among the living? Probably not. That’s what makes our pets spectacular.

Regarding the question what do rescued animals like to talk about? That would be like me telling you what movie is their favorite. There are so many variations that I can’t even begin to cover them all, but a lot of my readings are to help owners better understand their past and find ways to make them feel more secure or confident in the forever home. Some are ready to erase everything they’ve been through because now that you’ve FINALLY found them the past is irrelevant, and they’re here to teach you something profound about yourself. Some want you to know exactly what they’ve been through, so you can nurture their strengths and in some way enhance your own. Some aren’t with you very long before they are ready to go home to the other side. This is a tough one for people to wrap their heads around, but sometimes the story and legacy they leave is to inspire us to be kinder, gentler, and more compassionate to everyone around us. This is never easy, but I assure you, they’re grateful for the time they’ve had with you, and they encourage you to share your experience as you see fit.

Finally, what have I learned as an animal communicator? Holy smokes! The short answer is more than I ever thought I would! I have learned that we all come here on this journey to learn something about ourselves. If we choose to ignore that or aren’t quite getting it, the perfect animal shows up to move us further along in our education. This isn’t always comfortable, but they’re always grateful to help. I think that’s why they have shorter lifespans. Once they’ve shown us how to get back on track or share some life lesson with us, they’re gone. It’s brutal to lose a loved one, but even that loss and how we process it can be part of what we are here to better comprehend. I have learned that animals hold no resentments toward us when they die. They are always at peace on the other side (all but one dog who was still ticked off she never got to have puppies, but after I explained why, she forgave the owner), and they’ll do their best to leave you signs letting you know they’re still around. I also find that sometimes their story has a regional, if not global, impact. Hearing about neglected animals pulls at our heartstrings. What you do with that sadness or anger is up to you. They hope that we shift towards sending them light and love vs. hating the people who caused their suffering. Love is a pretty high and powerful vibration, but it takes our awareness to bring the deeper story to light.

Thank you to all of you for your suggestions! Hopefully, by the time you read this, it will have stopped snowing, and you and your pooch will get to enjoy the longer spring days.


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