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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Dec 28, 2018

As you know, your pets love talking to you! So many of you would be able to do this if you could turn off your ego and really trust that your intuition is usually right. If you do get something when you ask them what they want, fight the urge to immediately think, “There’s no way I just heard that!” You really did! I wish you all a happy New Year and would like to share some mini readings with you to start 2019 off right.

MB Boudreau asked about Bailey, an 8 year old yellow lab and Mac, a 9 year old Westie. She wants to know if they are happy. As soon as I ask them, Mac starts screaming YES!!!! YES!!!! If Mac were a human, he would be the kid in the class who keeps raising his hand to answer every single question the teacher asks, regardless if he knows the answer or not. Mac is content with the way things are and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Bailey is very happy, too, but is a bit more chill. He’s laying on his side and could care less what everyone else is doing as long as he isn’t bothered. They do love each other a lot!

Donna E. asks about Duke, a yellow lab they adopted at age 4 when he was unwanted by his family. Her comment was, “Loved this guy. He passed over to the rainbow bridge with my heart dragging behind him.” Duke is so excited to see you! He knew he was unwanted before he was with you, and he was so hesitant to totally relax when you first got him because he didn’t want to do anything else wrong. This was hard at because before you he could do no right. You taught him about compassion and meeting people where they are. I get a whoosh of goosebumps, especially on the right side of my head. Pay attention to when that happens to you because it’s really him saying hello!

Tracy M. has Justice, a 10 year old yellow lab with chronic back issues. “Anything more we can do for him? He’s super loved and an over the top spoiled puppy.” It’s interesting because I expected to only feel my lower back, but it really does go all the way up his spine. He feels buzzy to me which would make sense if he’s on medications as I’m reading him. I don’t think there’s anything else you can do for him, but you have been and are doing an amazing job managing his care. I think he gets better care than most humans! He doesn’t think he’s spoiled because he feels as though he’s earned it. Lol!

Lynn S. wants to know if Jackson, a 7 year old Labrador is happy and fulfilled. This answer totally cracks me up! He says the only thing that would make him more content is if you could understand what he is trying to tell you! I feel like he stares at you, and you ask him what he wants, and it’s like his eyes are screaming the answers, but you just can’t hear them. He does think in pictures, so if you ask him what he wants be open to, the first thought or image that pops into your head is it no matter how ridiculous it is.

Brianna W. has a Chow. “Did she have fun at daycare and would she like to go back?” YES!!!! Holy smokes, that’s a huge yes! You know when you aren’t the cool kid in real life and then you meet people who don’t know you and they actually think you are? That’s exactly how she felt when she was there. She loved it, and they treat the dogs really well there. I see a guy playing a bit rough with some of the dogs that can handle it (not a bad rough, kind of like how a lot of us play with our pups at home), and she thought it was awesome!

Lisa Marie S. asked about Sybil, a gray and white deceased cat. Was she ok with the decision they had to make? Yes, she absolutely is. She feels really, really tired when I tap into her energy. When I envision picking her up, she goes very limp. To me, this is the end of her life, and she was at peace when that time came. She smiles and wants you to know that she visits in dreams but not always as a cat. I actually see a doe or a deer with no antlers staring at me, so if there’s one that likes to stare at you, it’s her!

Melanie N. wants to know if Roscoe, a Golden retriever Newfie mix was upset when she let him go to his new family and couldn’t bring herself to visit. He is no longer living. You know, he was actually relieved you didn’t go because he would have felt so guilty for loving them as much as he did. They were a perfect match for him, and they were strict with rules and expectations, which is exactly what he needed. He says thank you and wishes you peace.

Jessica M. has Loki, a husky. “Does he want us to try for a playmate, or does he want to live the rest of his life with us a single dog?” He hated the last puppy we brought home. He really would like a playmate, and he would like a male dog vs. a female. I don’t think that the puppy you brought home was going to be as healthy as you would have liked. You need a dog that can run, and I see the puppy’s hips rotating a bit funny. Loki suggests you get a dog under a year old that doesn’t look too puppyish.

Finally, Jenn L. wants to know why Duck, a Chihuahua, is so protective of her. Her kids can’t come near if he is sitting with her. Duck is too funny! He says you don’t stand up for yourself enough. If you just sat down and someone wants a drink, you get up and get it. If you just opened your book to read (Duck says that rarely happens), someone else needs something. He wants you to tell people to knock it off and do something for themselves! He’s grumpy because you’re being taken advantage of.

Thank you again for all of your questions! If you’d like to schedule a longer reading, please go to and the Online Booking page.