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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Feb 01, 2020

We are one month into 2020, and I hope it’s going well for you and your pups! There is a lot of change happening for many of us, and we need to kind of lean into it and trust that in the end it will all be ok. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end. Our four legged friends offer us many ways to relax and get out of our heads, so when you’re done reading this paper, bundle up and go for a walk or snuggle up on the couch with them. Give them so much love that you push out any negative or self defeating thoughts. Not only is it great for you, but that light will spread into the world. That being said, let’s get to some readings. I’m a psychic for people and pets, but any medical insight that comes through should be discussed with a licensed veterinarian. I do not treat, diagnose, or ever want to do their job!

Susan P. has a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Claire. “Is she pregnant? And if not, why not? PS. Tell her I love her.” I get a big yes that she is pregnant, and it feels like between 5 and 7 puppies. I think it may start as seven but she may reabsorb two if that’s possible. She loves being pregnant and is already requesting cottage cheese. Not my favorite food, but because she’s answering, my mouth is watering! She wants the one in the red and white container please. I think she’s asking for whole milk, not lowfat. She knows you love her because she catches you smiling at her, and she gets all excited when she does. What a sweet girl! This may be her only litter.

Courtney A. wants to know why her little white poodle Paco barks at his food? I have to say, I’m actually surprised at the answer I’m about to give you and it’s a first for me. He’s checking for bugs. I know that sounds nuts, but it’s what he said. When I ask him how can we get him to stop I see you filling his bowl, lifting it off the floor, looking underneath it and telling him it’s ok. His hearing isn’t super either. As I’m typing this, my ears are kind of buzzing.

Lisa O. has Snoopy, a miniature schnauzer. “Are you the one peeing in the house?” YUP! Sure am! That is exactly what he says when I ask him, and he’s PROUD of it! He thinks he’s making sure everyone knows it’s your house. If I ask him how to make him stop, he says he will if you set up a super structured routine for going out for potty breaks. He looks disgusted that you’re not grateful for all his “efforts,” but I’m on your side with this one! He’s also horrified he just got called out in public on it so that may inspire him to stop as well.

Laura G. has Auggie, a 3.5 year old sheltie. “Is he enjoying his nursing home visits?” I get a huge YES!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever given him donut holes, but he wants them! Honey glazed please. Be careful because he will try to inhale it. He is very sensitive, and if someone is angry or not nice, he will do his best to avoid that person’s room, and I would follow his lead on this. He comes home exhausted and needing to chug water, but it’s all worth it in the end. He wants to add that you do an exceptionally good job helping people with mobility issues to pet him, and he says he’s very patient with them, and it makes him feel very connected to you.

Kerri O. wants to know if her yellow lab Allie is happy they adopted her. Holy smokes, this dog is acting like it won the lottery!!! I know we’re past Christmas season, but if you’ve ever watched the movie Elf, she feels as happy and joyful as Buddy is. When she gets reprimanded, which she says is rare, she looks all guilty but can’t help but wiggle because even when she’s being scolded, she’s thrilled to be your dog! I would love to see a picture of her because her personality is awesome!

Maribeth S.’s doberman passed away right after her dad. “Is he ok ? I miss them both so much.” Both your dog and your dad are doing great! Your dad says he was a hard worker all his life and rarely caught a break, so his version of heaven is golfing (I don’t think he golfed when he was alive), mowing the lawn on a sit down mower (because he can and has the time to do it right), and waving at people as they pass by. Your dog still comes to you as spirit and licks your toes when you are asleep. I see your feet sticking out of your blanket, and it probably wakes you up because he is super gentle and it tickles! You have been honoring them both beautifully well, and they say thank you. Your dad is waving the dog’s hand at you as he says goodbye.

Jeannie F. asked what she can do for Jasper, a German shepherd mix, to make him feel safe in the car. He gets anxious and often throws up. I’m laughing and wish I could see your face when you read his answer. You tend to speed up, then have to brake, then speed up, then brake. He wants you to move slow and steady (steady if nothing else) as you drive. He likes to be able to see out the windows, and he’s asking to sit in the back seat on the passenger side. He is sending you bubbly hearts like I would do on my phone!

Lisa Marie B. wants to know why her pit bull Bella seems sad? She worries that you read too deeply into how people respond to you. She thinks you’re fantastic, and she wouldn’t have picked you if you weren’t. She’s not here to suffer and neither are you! She wants you to have more joy and less exhaustion. She is asking you to budget your time more wisely and make some plans for your future that inspire you to make healthy changes. She is funny. She is trying to smile, but she really does have a hard time with it! Her back end has a little wiggle, but she’s not very flexible.

Thank you for reading another edition of Furry Words! Sara Moore is a psychic for people and pets who has an office in North Conway, NH. She is available for long distance readings as well. FMI go to