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Furry Words

Jun 02, 2020

Welcome to June! It’s not the “normal” that we may be used to, and for many it’s a scary and disruptive time. I totally understand that and am sending you all prayers for peace. For others, it’s been an interesting time of slowing down and finding ways to keep busy while laying low with your family. When we first went into quarantine mode, my phone went silent. Everyone was unsure of what was happening, and I think no one thought two or three months later we’d be where we are today. Not long after, however, people started calling and wanted to know about their jobs, pets, family members, future, and what was in store for them. I think that people who were used to working full time and collapsing on the couch at the end of the day had to find their footing again, which oftentimes meant LITERALLY finding their footing. Taking pups on walks replaced board meetings and grocery store trips. This also meant people got to reconnect with what they had been missing, and many of your four legged friends have been quite thrilled!

This month, I’d like to share a few stories of dogs that I have read. As most of you know, I’m a psychic for people and pets, and I help people better understand what their pups are thinking, feeling, and requesting. The first dog that stands out to me was a silly boy who thought that he was a cool dude. In his words, he was “as chill as Matthew McConaughey.” He’s the actor who once was busted for playing bongos naked in his backyard and has a sexy southern drawl. The owner burst out laughing when I described how the dog saunters instead of walks, has a dreamy faraway look in his eyes, and that he works exceptionally hard to maintain that image. Honestly, I sort of feel the actor does the same! The dog offered nothing profound but was completely at peace with his existence and thought he made the owner look pretty darned good with him by her side. He requested lots of walks but preferably in a place where he’d be seen by others.

Another reading I did was for a client turned friend, and her boy Derby. He was a stout and grunty Bulldog who had just received a diagnosis of cancer in his abdomen. They did ultrasounds, but the vet didn’t seem to think he was in dire straits, so they wanted to ask him how he felt about treatment and how he was feeling. He described the sharp pain in his belly and the icky taste in his mouth. I was shown images of tumors that were ready to rupture, and he said that they were already leaking. He said that it had spread throughout his body, and he was ready to cross over but not before having a few wishes fulfilled. He told me that he was the King. The owner laughed and later messaged me a picture of a bulldog looking through a hole in a fence with the crown and cape of a king painted on the other side. When she had seen this on social media, she instantly thought of her boy but also figured he’d find a way to get stuck in the opening. He was a silly but not super coordinated dog to say the least.

Derby requested a day of doing everything he loved, which included going to the farm, saying hello to the horses, and ending with a brownie sundae with Hershey’s syrup on top. He wanted the brownies to be gooey, too. The boy knew what he wanted for sure! He said he wanted a paw print to match the other dogs that had gone before him and for her to use some of his ashes to make beautiful earrings and a necklace using blown glass. He described in intricate detail what they would look like and the symbolism behind them. Needless to say, there were many tears shed in this reading, and a few may have rolled down my cheek as well.

Before we ended the call, she asked how her other dog would do with his absence. He was not shy to announce how awesome it would be to finally claim the number one spot in the family. He said that if he acted sad, it wasn’t really accurate. He said he’d give the owners some space, and he would feel their grief, but within a week, he’d be begging them to focus on him. His logic was that his brother’s spirit would always be around them, so he really wouldn’t miss him! He also asked for a McDonald’s hamburger with the buns. The owner laughed and said that her husband always took him for rides and snuck him treats, and in every reading, the dogs ratted him out. We laughed through the tears, and before we hung up, she promised both dogs they would each get what they asked for. The next day was Derby’s last, and in the pictures she sent me, he was all smiles. By the afternoon, he lay down, and it was clear his body had given up.

He ate his delicious sundae and not long after had crossed the rainbow bridge. These are the readings that are so hard to give because I can feel your grief and pain, but also the most rewarding because there was no doubt in their minds that it was in fact his time much sooner than the vet had anticipated. I think that this is something that we can all empathize with, and the amount of love and kindness being sent to the family is what has helped get them through. Before I go, I ask you to send them some light and love and give your pups a squeeze for me.

Sara Moore has an office in North Conway, NH and also offers long distance readings. You can learn more at and follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons. All information given in a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care.