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Furry Words

Jul 01, 2020

Well, so far 2020 has been interesting, but it looks like we are safe to slowly reenter the world and leave the cocoon of our houses! I know this time has meant something different to each of us, but if you’re used to working a full time job only to come home and crash on the couch with your pup, how cool that you’ve had more time to spend with your animals! I know they love it just as much as you do. Since I have cats, I’m pretty sure they feel as though I’ve invaded their space, and the day I head back into my office, they may throw a party. To get us back in the groove I’m excited to do mini psychic readings for the following people who were fast enough to respond when I put the call out for questions on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page. Just a reminder that I’m not a replacement for licensed veterinary care, but the messages can certainly be used to complement it.

Wendy U. asked about her rescue pup, a Shih Tzu named Brenda. She said she’s worried about her health. The first things I get are my face feels really funky just above and toward the middle of my forehead over my left eye and my nose feels super dry. It feels almost like her nose and sinuses aren’t lubricating the tissues enough, but you’d have to ask a vet what that means because I have no idea! She also makes me feel like I have to go the bathroom, but her bladder doesn’t feel full.

Dot D. said “My fur baby is Milo - he is a pug and will be 17 next month. Is he still living a pain- free and happy life? He has a few obstacles.” Oh my goodness, when I read Milo, I get this silly grin that spread across my face! Another dog whose face hurts- his feels like it’s his sinus cavities, more on the left near my cheekbone, and I’m curious if his top front teeth are missing. He is sort of sticking his tongue out at me, but it’s also pretty funny! I don’t think he’s always in his body because it is uncomfortable. My hip on my right is sore (well, it’s HIS hip, but I’m feeling what he feels) and if he moves incorrectly, I feel it in his lower back. He’s not ready to cross over just yet, but he says when it is his time, he wants tapioca pudding. Ok, I’ve been doing this full time for ten years and that is a first for me!

Pam T. wants to know what happened to her Pitbull Odessa that made her aggressive toward other dogs. The first thing I see is Odessa guarding puppies but other dogs coming to kill them. Ugh. I’m sorry for that visual. I know it’s awful but sometimes it’s not all fun things that I get to say to people. I feel a deep sadness in her heart instead of anger. Imagine having a son who was ruthlessly bullied, then years later watching someone get bullied. All of those memories surge up and out, prompting genuine rage toward the person inflicting the pain. If I ask her how can we help her with this, I feel like she just needs validation. Her life before you wasn’t good; it was hard, and she was alone and trying to fend for herself. Sometimes dogs come in to teach us about ourselves, so if this story resonates with you, it’s an opportunity for both of you to find peace and healing.

Teresa B. wants to know if her Chihuahua Olive has anything to say. I love this pup! She acts like she doesn’t, but she LOVES being the center of attention! She knows what she wants and anyone not on her team can just go away. She loves fiercely, but if you cross her, she will ignore you and make you earn your way back in. Does she want anything? Hot dogs, and it’s not a play on words! Raw if possible and cut into small chunks please. My mouth is watering because hers is, too! You’re doing a great job with her, and she loves that you spoil her rotten. I asked her how, and she shows me an image of you looking at all of her paws and giving her the all clear when you’re satisfied that she’s healthy.

Hope C. said that her dog Sam has been agitated the last two nights and won't go in his room. “What has changed? He is more anxious during the day too.” Well, by the time you read this, you’ll know if I’m right or not! I see big shifts happening for you, and he can feel them. You’re putting out to the universe what you want, and it’s coming! Be clear in your manifesting and look for doors that are opening for you.

Jessica M. said that her dog Loki is declining health-wise and needs to know if he will tell me when it's time. This is one of the hardest decisions we have to make, and he’s trusting you to hear him when he is ready. I think it’s soon- his back end doesn’t seem to be working well, and if he’s not already incontinent, it doesn’t feel like it’s far off. He’s had a SPECTACULAR life, lived HIS way, and you need some strings pulled in heaven. As soon as he gets there, start talking to him and tell him what you need. He’s excited to help you from there! He is a very regal boy…

Johnny S. wants to know if his two dogs, Hanna and Dixie, are together in heaven, and do they come visit us? I feel that you already know this answer, but yes and they’re inseparable! “Always were, always will be” is exactly what I hear. They even sleep on each other ‘over there’, and they definitely come around energetically. You get that electric buzzy feel in your right arm when they are. I’m glad you’re open to that- you’d be amazed how many people aren’t!


Sara Moore has an office in North Conway, NH and also offers long distance readings. You can learn more at and follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons. All information given in a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care.