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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Sep 01, 2020

How is it September already??? Wasn’t I just putting the screens in and welcoming summer? I am not complaining, but time seems to be moving faster now that my son is about to enter high school. While sitting down to write this article, I realized how isolated a lot of people are feeling. You are not alone, and those lucky enough to have a pup or pups with them on their journey may be faring a bit better. At the moment, I have cats, and I spend a lot of time yelling “Don’t touch that screen!” or “Leave that chippie alone!” I would estimate that about 90 percent of my waking hours are spent letting them in and out. I do believe I work for them.

When I had a dog, it was different. I LOVED taking Miss Sophie, our sweet yellow lab, for walks. On these adventures I felt safe because I had her with me. She listened to my worries, my stories, my ambitious future plans. I had a true friend who didn’t judge me and was grateful for two meals a day, play time, and lounging on the deck in the summer and by the woodstove in the winter.

When I did phone readings, she would quietly lay a few feet away, but as the day progressed, she inched closer and closer until finally worming her way onto the loveseat that we both barely fit on. It was like an intricate puzzle, and she was the perfect piece. I’d drape my legs over and under her, her nose wedged behind my knee or tucked into the crook of my arm. The client on the other end of the line probably assumed I was sitting at a proper desk, looking professional. Nope. I was feeling safe and loved with Sophie pressed against me. Her breathing was calming, and her paws were rough from hours spent running and exploring in the woods.

In the evening, I had my son every other week, and when I did, she’d watch him in the bath fighting the urge to jump in and join him. She was all Labrador, and I clearly remember two times when she couldn’t help herself and plunged in with him. He was shrieking with delight, and she was spinning in her crazy circles, chasing the water droplets as they flew around her. Then she’d dash out of the tub, slip sliding away on the tile floor, only to sprint around the house soaking everything in her path. It was too silly for me to be angry, but I definitely had to do clean up afterwards!

When it was just Sophie and me in the evenings, she listened to my running commentary as I watched the news. If I was disgusted, she was an ally. If I was sad or something triggered tears, she was my comfort. If I was angry, she sometimes sulked away only to return with a toy or bone for me to hand back to her. She snapped me out of it, and her gentle brown eyes and little white speck on her forehead reminded me that everything was really going to be all right. She was beautiful, gentle, and loving. How do they know exactly what we need? I have no idea, but they are certainly our light in the darker moments. We must be pretty special to have them accompany us on our journey.

When it was her time to go, it was devastating. She had been suffering for too long, but it was a joint decision, and my ex was struggling with letting her go. I understand that, but I also get to peek into heaven every time I do a reading, and I know they are free of their bodies the moment they cross the rainbow bridge. That last day I had a few clients in the morning (it’s hard to cancel on people who are facing the same decision, so I fired up the woodstove, wrapped her in cozy blankets, and had a friend sit with her the two hours I was in the office. When I got home, Claire, who had known Sophie for years, said, “She has been sitting by the mudroom door the whole time! I couldn’t get her to lay down at all.” This was the perfect validation that it was her time. So many people have said their dogs were almost dancing at the door before they took them to the vet for the last time, and they felt such guilt that the dog didn’t know where it was going. I assure you, it did. The dog was excited for the next step on its journey and knowing that it lived the perfect life with the perfect person that it will one day see again (in spirit) alleviates any fear or worry about what comes next.

What a tremendous blessing. I miss sweet Sophie and know that someday there will be a dog draped on my lap as I write my Furry Words Column. Until then, I will work for the cats and peel them off my laptop when they decide they’re ready for my undivided attention. If you still have a pup, please give it my love. If you’re missing one, please know it can still hear and see you, and that you will be reunited with it when it’s time.


Sara Moore currently offers long distance readings over the phone or FaceTime. You can learn more at and follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons. All information given in a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care.