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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Oct 01, 2020

Happy October! Have you traded your iced coffee for tea and your margaritas for mulled cider? As the kids head back to school, I’ve had a lot of calls for people wanting to know how their dogs are handling the silence. I am happy to report that most of them, probably like their human counterparts, are LOVING it! It’s weird having mornings to myself again, and I hope to add a pup to the mix this winter. That’ll give me so much more to write about, but until then, I’m going to share stories from my life as a psychic for people and pets.

This morning I did a reading for a woman who agreed to foster a small three year old dog for a friend who had to give them up due to health issues. She already had three older dogs of her own and two cats and was not planning on adding to the pack until the two elder dogs had passed on. She was also two years away from retirement, and I instantly loved her energy. When I tapped into the dog, however, I felt like I was spinning. It did NOT feel like a good fit for her home, and before she got to say anything, the foster pup proudly announced, “I want all of her attention, all of the time. If I don’t get it, I’ll throw a fit.” I literally heard the woman gasp and say, “YES! That’s what she does!”

The dog told her that she was here to keep people spinning, so they never had to look at their own mess. The logic was that by creating chaos around the person no one would ever think that they didn’t have their act together! Sounds crazy, right? Well, take a look at some of “those people” in your life, the ones who aren’t only late but when they arrive, they disrupt whatever scene they slide sideways into or the ones at the grocery store who are juggling multiple items with no basket. The friend that when you get into the car, she has to shovel food wrappers, yoga mats, water bottles, and extra sweatshirts off the floor and seat to make room for you. I realize as I say this it’s a broad sweeping statement, but stick with me. If someone is energetically a mess, and she doesn’t want you to know, she will toss smoke grenades (so to speak) when things get too serious and the questions get too real. This pup was up for the job for the right person, but the woman I was reading wasn’t it.

I told her that she has never had any tolerance for the martyr mindset and never would! She laughed and said that was absolutely correct. This dog was kind of her, “Are you sure you believe that and want to stick with that approach” opportunity? I could “see” that she had done such a diligent job of living with awareness and checking in with herself periodically to make sure her life was on track. If it wasn’t, she’d identify the area of discontent and work to resolve it. She kept the chaotic people at a distance, and if she wanted to be around them, it was by choice, not necessity. This dog had no job in her house. The other issue was that when she’d let the dog out, it would run to the corner of the yard and then sit there until she corralled it back in.

She was so close to retiring, and this dog had absolutely no plans on changing, regardless of how many ways I tried to negotiate with it. Her older thee dogs were so easy, and this dog was disrupting everyone in the home. I asked the dog what kind of person she would prefer, and she said a divorced or single woman who had kids when she was young and was an empty nester. It was a woman who wanted a project, so that she could loudly announce, “This poor dog was rehomed and then given up!” This is the smoke bomb. She looks good because she’s being a martyr. What this poor woman doesn’t realize is the dog is in cahoots with her, continuing her theme of “Well if I don’t do it, who will? I will suffer through this chaos!” In reality, unless that woman is ready to change her story, it will be a match made in heaven. I am not sharing this story with you to belittle the person who at the end of the reading said that I had validated everything she was already feeling, and she knew it wasn’t going to work out for the person who may end up adopting the pup. I believe animals come into our lives to teach us something, and I hope you take a few moments to reflect on what animals have been by your side at certain stages of your life. If that dog wasn’t the easiest of pets, was the one you got after? If so, high five to you for evolving! They are such a wonderful opportunity for us to be the best us possible. Take advantage of that and celebrate where you are today, and then set a goal for your future.


Sara Moore currently offers long distance readings over the phone or FaceTime. You can learn more at and follow her on Facebook at Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons. All information given in a reading is not a replacement for licensed veterinary care.