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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Dec 08, 2020

I am so excited to share my journey of adopting a five-year-old chocolate Labrador a month ago! For seven years I’ve been writing about your dogs, which has been so much fun, but holy smokes I forgot how much I needed a dog in my life. Cats just aren’t the same, are they? In case you missed the December edition, I’ll catch you up. Her name is Syd, and I got her from a friend who is also a reputable breeder. I did a reading for her pack, and at the end, we were just catching up since we don’t see each other at dog shows right now. I mentioned we were looking for a dog, and by the end of the dialog, she had sent me pictures, and I had said yes to meeting Syd. When things are meant to be, they happen fast! I grew up with a black Lab named Lucy, and up to the day my dad died, he couldn’t talk about her without choking up. That dog was his loyal companion and his world. Apparently, he heard my son and me talking about how we really wanted a dog, and just as we were about to begin to search for the perfect dog, Syd literally landed in my lap. I swear he pulled some strings in heaven to make this happen, and I am so grateful for that!

What was my life like before having a dog? Well, I was becoming quite a couch potato. I went on walks in March and April to counteract the effects of being in lockdown. Then the black flies came out in May, and I retreated to the house. Not being one for the heat, come June I put walking on hold and spent my summer doing readings and playing in the waves at the beach. The pandemic was still an issue, and the crowds at the coast and in my hometown of Conway, NH were insane, so instead of walking the beach, I played in the yard when I wasn’t hiding in my house. I think this was the first summer ever when I didn’t even go for one hike because of all the crowds. I clearly needed a reason to get back into walking, and she showed up in November! With Syd, I’ve walked in rain, sleet, snow, a Nor’Easter, freezing temps, and beautiful sunny days and have loved them all. I used to be an avid hiker and the saying is, “There’s no bad weather, only bad gear.” This theory definitely applies to walking dogs, too!

Do you know what I have loved the most about getting back outside? Simply being in nature. Standing at the end of my driveway, I have seen mountains bathed in the light of dawn, coloring them shades of pinks and purples. I’ve stood patiently in the dark, waiting for Syd to “do her business” and stared at the night sky filled with millions of stars. In those moments, I look up hoping to see a shooting star or meteor while saying hello to my parents in heaven. I’ve also been outside in my pajamas as many times as I’ve been bundled up in my winter gear. I can safely say I’ve been more active in the past month than in the entire summer! So active, in fact, I’ve had to buy new pair of running shoes and yak tracks because I’ve already worn out my old pair of each!

One of the biggest blessings Syd has brought to me is healing. My dad died almost a year and a half ago, and we sold my childhood home in February of 2020. Talk about great timing- three weeks later and life as we knew it was on hold. I pushed through that overwhelming process and continued to work. I ended a four-year relationship this fall, and my heart was heavy. She has listened to me process it all and has never told me to shut up. She simply listens without judging. Well, I think that is true! Either way she’s a great listener. My son entered high school, and the reality of him having a driver’s license in a year means I won’t have my little boy with me as much. I already share him with his baseball, hockey, and football team, and he is now happier to be with his girlfriend more than me. Sigh. I know that’s all part of growing up, but I was starting to feel lonely, and then this eighty pound love bug showed up. Perfectly timed, as most things in life are, and I was open to the opportunity. It has been amazing and rewarding, and we’re still just getting to know each other!

Before I go, I also want to mention that adopting an older dog was never really on my radar, but it has been phenomenal having a dog that is potty trained, has manners, and knows that after a morning walk, sleeping for a few hours is the way life should be lived. This allows me to work from home without worrying about crazy puppy energy or what they would be getting in to. Syd is the perfect companion. You know what she’s also inspired me to do? Most mornings now, when I get up, I change out of my pajamas instead of doing so after my last reading- usually in the afternoon. I feel like a normal human with a routine again all because of my dog!


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