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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | Feb 01, 2021

As much as I love summer beach days and riding the waves, I equally love sunny winter days and playing in fresh snow. So far, we’re in a bit of a snow deficit, but it’s made for perfect walking weather. Syd and I have been together about three months, and I believe we have a pretty good routine going. She gets me up around 7am. I take her out, feed her, and then she goes back to sleep while I nurse a large cup of coffee. I got rid of my office due to Covid, so my days are spent doing readings from home. She seems pretty indifferent to my psychic abilities and sleeps either half on my lap or beside me while I’m on calls. I usually space people fifteen minutes apart, so on those breaks I take her out for a quick breath of fresh air. If there’s thirty minutes and we walk fast, I can make it around the block and not be out of breath for my next session.

Before getting Syd I wouldn’t have gotten up and actually ventured out in those little breaks, and I have no idea why other than blatant laziness or indifference. Having a dog changes all of that pretty quickly! After my last client of the day, I put on my sneakers and YakTraks, so I stay upright and not fall down the road, and we head out for a longer walk. I have an app on my phone that tracks my exercise, and prior to November I was averaging less than a mile a day. That’s not totally accurate because I don’t bring my phone with me while shopping, and I don’t carry it around my house either, but more often than not, I was sedentary. Now I’m averaging over three miles a day, and my body feels stronger than it has in years!

One challenge I’ve encountered is Syd had never seen a cat before moving in with me. She is an 85-pound chocolate Lab, but the 8 pound fur balls with claws TERRIFIED her! The first day exploring the house she came face to face with little Maple and did a very fast about face back to the safety of the kitchen. I think Maple is now having a field day with this power, but the other cat, Casper, can’t seem to understand why Syd doesn’t want to rub faces with him. It’s almost happened, but we’re not there quite yet. I was looking forward to having a dog to snuggle with at night, but she was totally content sprawling on a chair in the living room. I’m in the process of getting new floors downstairs, so it was more out of necessity that I had to figure out how to get her to realize that upstairs was really where it’s at.

I tried bribing her with treats, but she’d get to the top step, reach her neck out as far as possible for her reward and then dash back downstairs. I called her. I acted so excited if she even tested out the first step, but the cat had really left an indelible impression on her, and she was NOT going up! Three days ago, I hooked her to her leash, grabbed a handful of bigger treats, and started leading her upstairs. I treated her essentially every single step, and before I knew it, she was in my room!!! The next challenge was getting her on the bed. I swear she is working me over because she won’t jump into my car, and I have to put her front paws on the tailgate and then lift her up and in. I had to employ the same technique to get her onto my bed. Once she figured it out, though, she circled a few times and plopped herself right where you would expect her to- the absolute middle of my queen-sized bed.

I did what any good owner would do and adjusted my notebook, laptop, and things around her. I was happy to sit on one quarter of the bed if it meant she’d stay with me. I had to put her leash back on to convince her to go downstairs, but as I write this, she’s sleeping to my right and crazy Maple is on my left. And yes, I’m still only taking up a fraction of the bed because Queen Syd is laying parallel to the pillows. Last night, she actually hopped up on her own, which was pretty awesome, as I brushed my teeth and awesome until I tried to climb under the covers, and she refused to move her head off my pillows. I even tried to physically move her, but she let her body go totally limp, and I was no match for her floppy body. So, I clung to the edge of the bed and pulled the covers up and around both of us. You know what she did? She spooned me. Oh Syd, how I love you. I know that my heart is all in because I didn’t complain about the dog hair she left behind when she got up to grab a drink of water. I haven’t minded vacuuming almost daily, getting up early, or sharing my bed. I do believe this is exactly what I needed.


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