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May 01, 2021

To celebrate spring I’m excited to do mini readings for you! As a psychic for people and pets, I read their energy, which makes it possible to do them long distance and to connect with both the living and deceased. Keep in mind that animals come in to our lives to teach us so much about ourselves so you may be surprised at the depth they bring to a reading. The following is what some of your dogs had to say. Enjoy!

Suzanne M. said, “Hi Sara, Cooper, my brown lab has come a long way since we got him from another family. We are going on a vacation, and my fear is his anxiety coming back. He trusts us now, doesn’t have food insecurity, doesn’t even use his kennel anymore. I’m afraid with our absence, he is going to go back to that. What does he have to say about this?” Well, he isn’t super confident yet even though around you he appears much calmer. His routine is really what will keep him grounded and feeling safe. If you can, have whoever watches him feed him the same time each day, offer him treats, and bring his bed with him. I think he’ll be a little off when you get back, but his adventure has the potential to validate how awesome he really is after he rolls with it!

Tricia K. has Max, a red brindle Irish Wolfhound. She’d like to know if he’s feeling okay and how can they help him not be terrified of fireworks. He goes into an absolute panting meltdown even with prescription meds. Max is an interesting and very evolved dog! We are all made of energy, and energy has a vibration or sound to it. He energy is so fast that it almost feels slow. If I were to give him a color it would be light blue, and the sound would be celestial. Thunder and fireworks are a lower vibration, more rumbly or sharp, which pierces his energy. This results in him viscerally FEELING the sound. He said if you want to put on a white noise machine or even the television it will help. Energy work or a thunder coat are also approaches to try.

Terry V. wants to know if her white cockapoo in heaven sees their recently deceased dog, and if he plays with or guides the new dog? “I often wonder if she sees him still running around the house.” Holy smokes! I get a huge yes. I see the one who crossed over! It’s like a crazy family reunion with tons of running, sprinting, and rolling around. I feel like I just had too much coffee when I feel them together! I do think that he plays with the new dog but doesn’t guide him. He wasn’t very smart- everything he knew is because you taught him, so he is leaving the teaching to the experts!

Jessica M. wants to know if Bella, a five month old silver Lab, enjoys being with them. I am chuckling because based on how she sleeps, which is draped on any and everything while she is on her back, shows me a super content dog. She loves that she can sleep without worry, and you are very clear in your expectations for her. She says you are setting her up to succeed, so stop worrying!

Lisa V. adopted five year old Molly from Texas. “Is she happy being adopted by us? What does she need, and what doesn't she like?” Yes, she is happy, but happy isn’t the word she would have chosen. She feels respected, heard, included, and safe. Safety was her number one missing component before you adopted her, and she has seen some awful aspects of humanity. When I first started reading animals, I wasn’t prepared for some of the terrible things some have endured. She can’t forget her past but you are giving her the space she needs to feel more confident in her surroundings. She absolutely feels very loved.

Meils P. asked if Igby, a red headed rebel rouser on the other side, has any messages. Igby certainly had their own agenda huh?! They will do what you tell them IF they like what you’re asking of them. They also say that you two had an agreement, which was to agree to disagree but also to look for the good and silliness in life. Shine on. I’m also wondering if “Shine On” is more a message from your paternal grandmother?

Erika D. wants to know why Violet must eat all the things that she shouldn't eat??? She’s hoping to come to an agreement on not doing that anymore? Please? Violet has a fascinating answer to your question. You know when you’re hungry, but you don’t know what you’re craving? There is some aspect in your personal life that doesn’t feel complete. It’s not totally incomplete, but there is something missing. She’s eating to fill that void. Take a step back and observe yourself going through your day. What are you doing that brings you joy? What are you doing that you loathe? What emotion are you craving? What can you do to shift? If you can figure that out she won’t need to eat everything with the hope that one of the items will be the allusive missing emotion/piece.

Henry is a red golden retriever owned by Elizabeth C. “What does Henry want me to know and how is he feeling?” He actually feels pretty good. He’s showing me an old man, who takes his time to stand up and needs a minute to steady himself, but once his joints get “liquored up” he’s good to go! He isn’t requesting any supplements other than his oil. I’m not a vet, so please ask the vet first!

Brenda B. asked about Millie, an 8 y/o Frenchie rescue. “She is a 2 time cancer survivor and we’d love to know more about what her life was like before she came to us, specifically around other dogs and cats.” I actually think she was really loved in her first home. She was peaceful, snuggly, and loved. I then see family having to move back in to the family home, bringing their children and other pets with them. It was pure chaos. Ugh. She was reminded how much she loves her peace and quiet, as do you! As for the cancer, I think she’s in the clear for the rest of her life with it! It’s almost as though she took on the crazy energy of the family before yours and it manifested into a physical ailment.

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