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Furry Words

By Sara Moore | May 13, 2021

I have been having so much fun doing psychic readings for people and their pets, and the personalities of the dogs have been totally unique! Just like us, they are all different. They view life from their own frame of reference. They have taste in collars, clothing, food, and treats. They can be particular about training or how they want to be rewarded for certain behaviors, and they usually have thoughts on how they want to be memorialized, if at all. I’d like to share some of the readings that have stood out over the past month. Enjoy!

I read an absolutely hysterical dog who had passed over a week before our chat. He was a sweet, sweet boy, but also looked at the world with a bit of a disgusted perspective. Why were people so dumb? Why were they so nasty to each other? What was WRONG with humanity?! That being said, when I asked the dog how he saw himself in life, he showed me an image of a lunch lady, not the sweet ones I remember, but the ones that Adam Sandler writes silly songs about. He said if he were a human, he’d have a job where he could get away with having an attitude. He’d smoke a cigarette even while cooking slop, and if ash fell in the sloppy joe mix, so be it. I have to say I laughed out loud and stumbled a bit when I had to relay this to the owner because it was not at all what I was expecting to hear! When I asked the dog why he felt this way, he said because his owner had seen his fair share of challenges and was tired of people interfering with his success. The dog’s logic was that if he was grumpy, no one would question him or the owner, which would create space and freedom.

Thankfully, the owner understood what the pup was trying to say. The poor man was sobbing through the reading because he missed his dog so profoundly. I get it. It is one of the hardest things I think we have to go through, so I always ask how the dog will let you know he is still around. The dog said that he would still lean on the man’s right lower leg when he was in bed. More sobs. He said he swore he felt him there the night before but didn’t know if it was real. It was, and I’m sure it will happen again. He asked if the dog had any suggestions on where to spread his ashes, and the dog was absolutely indifferent. He had a great life, but in death was no longer attached to his physical body and gave the owner permission to do whatever felt right to him. I could sense relief as I said it, and the dog also told him to take his time. He was at peace and knew there was a lot of healing left for the family to do.

A dog I read today was a rescued female Australian Shepard. The client had never had a reading from me before, so I explained that I have no idea what I’m going to say until it’s falling out of my mouth. I asked what she wanted to know, and first she wanted to know how the dog felt about living with them. The dog said it was fine but said so with an air of indifference. Time to ask clearer questions. Did the dog like the family? Yes. Did it feel safe? Yes, but she had always had to take care of herself, so she didn’t want to let the people in too far and lose her edge. Her edge? Images of Joan Jett, the edgy rocker flashed through my mind. I asked why did she relate to her?! The answer was because Joan Jett knew no matter what happened, she could take care of herself. No one was going to hurt her, and no one was going to hurt the dog because she had an edge, too. Sigh. The owner said that the reason she made the appointment was because the dog had challenged the husband a few times by trying to dominate him and nip at him. Ugh.

I asked the dog what would make her feel safer, and she said a harness. She also said she was exceptionally proud of her independence, and when they went for walks, she purposefully went as far ahead as the leash would allow. She showed me the pink poodle on Clifford the Big Red Dog (who I couldn’t stand when my son watched it) to explain how empowering it was to let the world know SHE was the one leading the pack, and that she HAD to because they may not be strong enough to keep her safe or give her adequate boundaries. I told her that she was actually risking her relationship with this family, and they picked her because they are full of love and wanted someone to share that with. I told her she had scared the husband, who was a loving, gentle man, and that she really needed to apologize. I asked her how she could learn to be more open and trusting of him, and I got an image of the husband lounging on the couch with a cup full of little dog treats. Not big ones, but like what you’d use for training. As he relaxed on the couch, she’d sniff for a treat and he’d give her one. I saw the scene progressing, and by the end of the imagery, she was laying on his lap with her head on his belly, totally content.

Then it got really interesting. I felt a total shift in my physical body. My shoulders, back, stomach, all relaxed as if I had taken a strong muscle relaxer. The owner was quiet for a second and then said that the dog had been staring at her, but suddenly started sprinting around the room doing her crazy happy dog dance. I asked the dog if there was anything else she wanted us to know, and she said that she loves being groomed because it makes her gorgeous. Her edge was gone, and I’m optimistic they’re going to have a fresh start together!

The final dog I’ll tell you about had passed away a few weeks prior, and the owner was wondering what she wanted her to do in her honor. It was the first time a dog had shown me a wrought iron marker, like what you’d see in a garden, that was about two feet off the ground with a laminated picture of the dog on the face plate. I also saw a stone marker on the ground, and it was all under a beautiful tree. The woman said that she did already have the memorial set up under the tree but hadn’t even thought of the taller marker. The dog also told her that she’d be showing up as yellow and black butterflies. The dog was so proud of herself and the time she and the family had shared! She validated that they were all around her when she scattered the dog's ashes under the tree and that they’ve been following her everywhere! Well there you go! Our loved ones (people and pets) really do try to reassure us that they’re ok on the other side. Keep talking to them- they can hear you and will find ways to answer you, whether it be in a song, butterflies, dragonflies, goosebumps, a license plate that has their name on it or simply because you’re having a chat with them in your head, and it’s REALLY happening!


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