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Furry Words

Jul 01, 2021

What a gorgeous spring and start to summer we’re having! This is the first time in about eight years I have a dog to share my walks with, and Syd, my 5-year-old chocolate Lab had her first trip to the ocean in June. I didn’t really think through bringing a bird dog to the land of seagulls and pigeons, but once she realized I wasn’t going to let her chase ANY birds she relaxed and enjoyed our morning walks along the water’s edge. The first little wave that touched her feet definitely made her jump, but by the end of the week she was happily wading in and enjoying the waves. Thank goodness, because it means we can go back and have more fun! One of the best parts of vacation was realizing that I was happy to come home and return to doing psychic readings for people and pets. This month I put the call out on my Sara Moore Enlightened Horizons Facebook page for questions you’d like to ask your dogs, and once again I had plenty within minutes. Here are the people and pups who were fast enough to make the column.

Karen D. wants to know what caused her dog Barbie to be so skittish since they don’t know her back story. As soon as I tap into her energy, she feels like a dog that revs her engines and her vibration is very fast. Imagine a red squirrel compared to a Koala. She’s the squirrel. I don’t actually feel nervousness, but her movements feel very quick and staccato. She is totally tuned out when she’s “off the clock” as she puts it, but when she wakes up, she’s ready to go and instantly feels like she’s had about three pots of coffee. If she were a human, she’d probably be a chain-smoking coffee drinker, and she thinks that’s not an insult at all! I’ve never had such a dog describe its energy in such a clear, funny way before! If I ask her if there’s a way for her to be more calm, I hear “NOPE.” I wonder if your mom was the same way? If she was and that approach worked for her, then you’re being shown that even though it’s not your way, it made them feel comfortable.

Jessica M. has Bella, a sweet Labrador Retriever. She asked, “Why did she pick me as her person?” The funny thing is she’s just kind of staring at me when I ask her that, and she wants to be sure she gives you the right answer. I just told her there is no wrong one, and she said you smell pretty. LOL! I can see her trying to get close to you to sniff you and then getting busted being a creeper, but you are kind and funny and determined, and when you’re angry, you let it out and then fill yourself up with happy thoughts. You know you are worthy of treating yourself to beautiful, fragrant flowers and that is pretty special. Your grandmother loved the babies and the way they smelled. She is in heaven and always around you, too, so it’s fitting that you have a dog that mirrors her in some ways.

Hope S. wants to know what’s going on with her dog Sam’s mouth and jaw. First, I need to remind you that I’m not a veterinarian and I have no medical training, so whatever information I give you is coming purely from psychic insight, and you should consult with your vet to make decisions. That being said, as a psychic, I feel what they are physically feeling and as I’m typing, my left side of my jaw hurts. There are two spots that I’d take a look at. One is on the inside of the cheek by the back of the jaw, sort of near where it hinges. Then I’d look at the lower jaw on the outside of the gums, bottom left, near the third molar from the back. It almost feels like a cyst inside the soft tissue but again, vets do the diagnosing.

Tara A. has a Chihuahua mix named Radar. “I’d like to know if there is anything wrong with his tummy.” The first thing that happens when I read your question is my belly sticks out, like my abdomen muscles aren’t strong enough to keep it held in tightly. It doesn’t feel like a hernia, but his organs get all jostled around, and the feeling after makes me carsick. This is going to sound crazy, but it’s what I’m hearing, so I’ll toss it out there. Our body systems are all interconnected. If someone has stomach issues, it can present itself in our mental health. If you get reflexology done on your feet or hands, it can affect your sinus or digestion. I honestly feel that when his belly is shaken up, it’s affecting a lot of his other systems. Again, I’ve said crazy things to people but hopefully that makes sense! Please talk to a vet because veterinarians have the medical training to back their answers while mine are purely psychic insights.

Mardi L. wants to know if Rex, a Golden Retriever, is with Mikey on the other side? Before the dog had a chance to answer, Mikey said that Rex is with HIM on the other side. Have you seen the picture of Snoopy and Charlie Brown sitting on a dock, looking at the sunset? I see the same exact image of the two of them. It’s a beautiful image and makes my heart feel like there really is good in this world.

Katie O. wants to know how Bodie the goldendoodle feels about car rides because he doesn't seem to like them. You have made such a great home for you and your animals that he never wants to leave it! I was on vacation last week, and it was awesome. The best part was I was excited to come home because I love where I live, and my home is a sanctuary for me. Yours is the same way, and Bodie just wants to validate that for you! If you take him out for ice cream, he’s all in. Holy smokes, I don’t know where you get yours, but the vanilla is beyond creamy, and he would be thrilled with a super small bowl or Dixie cup full of it!

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