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Get up to 40% Off!

Photo by: Don Kingsbury

Have you always thought our prices were unreasonably high - bordering on criminal? Then here's your chance to gouge US for a change!

On Salterday, November 18th, we will be holding our once a year blowout sale both at our shop and at our website! But there's a catch....

You have to wake up early to get those savings!

That's right! Just look at this incredible table prepared just for your perusal:

In the Shop Savings:
5:30AM - 6:00AM -- 40% Off!
6:01AM - 7:00AM -- 30% Off!
7:01AM - 8:00AM -- 20% Off!
8:01AM - 4:00PM -- 10% Off!

Everything EXCEPT for food and items already on sale.


Website Savings:
12:01AM - 5:00AM -- 35% Off!
Use Checkout Coupon Code: Saltybird35

5:01AM - 11:59PM -- 20% Off!
Use Checkout Coupon Code: Saltybird20

Don't trust us? Suspect treachery? Then have all your suspicions allayed by going to

That'll set ya straight, bub.

See you there!