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Intermediate Dog Obedience

West Gardiner Rod and Gun Club
297 Collins Mills Road, West Gardiner, ME 04345
Brenda Evans
207 582-3774
Oct 10, 2017
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Advanced dog obedience classes focus on strengthening basic obedience skills and introducing more complex exercises. Refining of previously learned commands, such as increasing the duration of the “stay” or moving out of sight during a “down” exercise are also included. Trick training is another facet of intermediate obedience, and tricks, such as rolling over or choosing the right toy from a pile, are easier to teach once your dog has a handle on basic obedience skills. Proof of rabies vaccination must be submitted to the Gardiner Adult Ed office prior to first class. You will need a six-foot leash and an appropriate training collar. John Palange has trained dogs professionally at K-9 Training Center for over 35 years, with other trainers often referring their most “challenging” dogs to him. He specializes in obedience and problem behavior. Check out his website at

The class runs for six weeks from October 10-November 14.

Registration fee is $79. To register, go to