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Jack & Diane Got Married!

By Stevanie Roy | Mar 04, 2019

Kennebec Valley Humane Society — Jack and Diane originally came in to us in August 2018 as strays. They were found in East Cemetery in Chelsea, Maine with their leashes tied together. We tried to find their owners but no one came forward to claim them and so here we are, 6 months later. During their stay, the staff joked about them being our old married couple and so when we thought of ways to promote them, we chose to marry the two bonded mates.


The marriage took place on February 6th at the Humane Society. We spent the morning decorating our education center in preparation for the ceremony. Diane had her own dressing room where she was dressed in a veil with a flowered collar. Jack, wearing a bowtie, patiently awaited her arrival at the altar - although when she started walking down the aisle, he quickly met her halfway with excitement.


Jack is about 10 years old. He has a very laid back personality and enjoys the casual hang outs he has with staff and volunteers. He is very treat motivated and will never deny a tasty snack. He sacrifices all of his toys to his beloved Diane, keeping chivalry alive. When Diane is taken out without him, he is found staring out the window waiting for her return with a wagging tail. Diane is approximately 7 years old and clearly runs the relationship. When she sees him coming towards her, she does a little dance in excitement.


Jack and Diane are considered "bonded" and will be placed into a home together. They need a quiet retirement home with no other animals - to live their lives out being spoiled with comfortable beds, plenty of treats, and unlimited amounts of love.


Jack and Diane are available at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Augusta. (207)626-3491,