Downeast Dog News


Jun 15, 2021

Josie is no regular yellow lab, who stole everyone’s heart. Adopted at 15 months old, she arrived home untrained and full of energy. Through consistency, repetition, and lots of patience later, she not only became well-socialized, but was a natural therapy dog, and passed her service dog certification!

In 2017 Josie published her first book. Her second book honored her, as a 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist. She flew with her mom and co-author (Vernita Leins) to Washington DC to receive her award.

She loves long walks in the woods, swimming, retrieving her ball, couch hug time, and riding in her Uncle Bob’s John Deere Gator.

We recently lost this precious 10-year-old to an aggressive cancer. She walks beside us now in spirit, and in spirit she is forever with us. We will always love and miss this very special girl!

Josie’s Story…from rescue to service dog; Fostering Marcel…the bond between human and animal available at , local bookstore, or library.