Downeast Dog News

July Letter from the Publisher

By Jenn Rich | Jul 20, 2021

Dear Dog News Readers,

I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. I am already working on the July paper! I want things to slow down a bit now. I love how green everything is now. I just want to enjoy that for a while. My friend and I were commenting, and I have heard other people say it as well, that we thought all the flowers and trees looked even more amazing and vibrant this year. I don’t know if we were just ready for something cheerful or if they actually were.

We got our dock and floats in at the lake. I think Pepper is the most appreciative of them. We refer to it as “Pepper’s Pier.” She jumps off and fetches her ball, and when she’s done doing that, she lays down and rolls it around until it falls in and then she plops in to get it and starts all over again. It is a favorite place for us both. It is not far from our house but is still a nice getaway.

The fireworks down the street have started up again. They happen quite often during the summer, and Pepper does not like them. She usually goes and hides out in our room, and I turn on the tv and sometimes the AC to help reduce all of the loud bangs. It is interesting how she isn’t really afraid of thunderstorms though. Maybe it is something she can sense with the weather, but fireworks are just out of the blue. I’m sure somebody probably knows the answer to this. I know it might not be as exciting for some, but I really wish we only had the fireworks that don’t make noise.

If you have pups and pets that are also afraid of fireworks, we send you our sympathies and wish you luck during this summer season and of course especially on the 4th of July. Stay cool and be safe!

All the best,

Jenn and Pepper