Downeast Dog News

Keeping Cool

By Baxter | Aug 04, 2014

It’s our days again, Dog Days-hot, sticky days when we can’t stop panting. We’re living with that fur coat that keeps us warm in the winter, but it is just brutal this time of year. Every waking moment is spent looking for water or a cool place to sleep.

Fortunately this time of year, our humans are out in their gardens, carefully preparing ground hardened and packed by winter. In their minds, they are preparing it for flowers or vegetables; in our minds, they’re preparing it for us. If you are a digger, you’ve got it made. Let them do the work while you receive the benefit. Wait ‘til they’re all sweaty and go inside to cool off. (Did you ever notice that humans don’t pant? They just leak sweat and the sweatier they get, the easier it is to find them.) Where was I? Oh yes, once they are gone, just dig yourself a cool bowl in a shady spot and curl up in it.

As summer moves on, the plants your humans carefully planted continue to grow and provide added luxury. Two or three circles and you’ll have them matted down into a fragrant bed fit for a king (or queen). Note: watch out for those flowers with thorns. They smell great, but they’re not worth the trouble.

Not everyone has such accommodating humans. Do you have a stream, a kid’s pool, a spot that turns to mud when your humans water it? You’re in luck. I love nothing better than to lie down in the mud at the edge of our little stream. I listen to the insects and birds and the voices of my humans wondering where I am. I don’t have to bend down to drink. I stop panting for a while. I feel like summer could last forever.