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Lady Ashley

Aug 09, 2021

Lady Ashley, 5 years, Lab Mix

Introducing Lady Ashley! Lady is… well, a lady! She’s very sweet, calm, and knows what she likes. She has been through so much in her life and has come out of it all with a sweet demeanor and really deserves a home full of pampering and love!

Poor Lady was so neglected when we took her into our care and has taken all of the vet visits, medications, and even surgery we had to get her in stride and has simply been grateful; content with a nice couch or dog bed to lay on at the end of the day. The biggest of her struggles was said surgery - once she was otherwise healthy, she had a TPLO lateral suture combination in her rear left leg. She is in recovery now and we are offering a foster-to-adopt opportunity for the right person/family to bring her home while she awaits her NELR pre-paid follow-up radiograph appointment on August 16th.

This trooper’s current care involves pain meds, 3 very leisurely, short walks a day and she’s such a good girl for her range-of-motion exercises 2-3 times a day (about 5 mins each). She will need a ramp, sling, or to be carried on stairs (only 40 lbs), but again, is so easy-going and compliant with all of it!

She enjoys a quieter home where she can luxuriously sunbathe her days away as your low-key companion. She’s happy testing out napping spots while you do your thing, but snuggling up to you for some binge-streaming or reading will always be her favorite <3

Can you give this deserving girl a comfy place to feel loved?

Fill out an adoption application for her today!

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