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Letter from the Publisher - Downeast Dog News

By Jenn Rich | Feb 01, 2021

Dear Dog News Readers,

Happy February! This has been a strange winter as far weather goes. I can’t believe how little snow we have gotten here on the Midcoast. Personally, I don’t mind warmer weather and less snow and ice, but I don’t enjoy extra wetness and mud. Keeping Miss Pepper exercised this time of year is a bit of a challenge. She had an incident at the dog park years ago and is fearful of other dogs, so we are working on that which makes walks difficult. She broke a toenail playing out back one day, so we have been trying to let that heal. Yesterday was a warmer day, so we got out to a spot where we like to walk where we are able to distance ourselves from other dogs for the most part. That made us both quite happy to spend some time in the fresh air, AND she has an appointment this week at Water Bark Wellness for a swim, so she will be super thrilled for that. She would stay there and swim all day if she could.

I FINALLY completed Pepper’s snuffle mat. It was not a difficult project but cutting up all of the strips was a little time consuming, and then the holidays hit and other projects took over. If you don’t have one, this is an enrichment tool that provides mental stimulation by hiding treats or food in them that your dog then has to sniff out. Mental games will help tire them out if you can’t get outside as often. Dr. Herman wrote about them in her November column which can be found on our website.

This month we have decided to include extra dogs to raise more money for the rescues. The pandemic has made it difficult for fundraising events which would have normally drawn large crowds. Most were either cancelled or had to move their efforts online. It is through the help of our wonderful sponsors that we are able to donate. This month we will not only donate to the Rescue of the Month but to an additional rescue that we will draw at random from those included in this issue. Every little bit helps and is appreciated!

I believe we are in for some colder weather, so stay safe and warm with your furry friends. They are certainly a blessing to have around.

Warmest wishes,

Jenn and Pepper