Downeast Dog News

Love at First Sight

By Lisa Tymeson Jung & Razzle Dazzle | Feb 01, 2016

I don't know where I was born or where I spent my puppyhood, but I do know where I met my humans. 

            One day I landed in a kennel at the animal shelter.  There I sat, ten pounds underweight with stitches in my chin after a rainy night run-in with a porcupine, followed by a ride with an animal control officer and a visit to the emergency vet.   Surrounded by strange smells, yips and barks, I was tired and hungry.

             Rumor has it I was also quite cute, dare I say pretty, in an undernourished, stray pup sort of way. This, of course, worked wonders in my favor.

            My human mom was working at the shelter that day.  She was assigned to clean the stray kennel area, precisely where I and several other wayward canines resided.  As she approached, I looked up and gave it my best: eyes eager, ears cocked, and my street-dog, listless tail wag. Our eyes locked. She fell hard.  By now, I was thinking of food.  She promptly delivered the first of many biscuits to follow throughout my shelter days.

            Folks at the shelter were kind.  We got fresh water and kibble, two walks a day, blankets, toys, and my favorite, the peanut-butter-filled kong treat, but when the lights went out and the barking stopped, I wondered when I would go home with the biscuit lady.

            Brighter days arrived although not until after the one I spent in a sleepy haze for my girl-dog surgery.

            Next thing I knew, I met my human dad and my canine brother Theo, a handsome, black, fluffy hulk, who apparently had the final word on whether or not I went home that day.  I was smitten. After some heartfelt sniffing, posturing, and playtime in the exercise pen, the deal was done. 

            Soon I was home in the land of couches, beds, tennis balls, antler chews, long walks, pasture runs, kibble, and biscuits thanks to love at first sight at the shelter.