Downeast Dog News

March Letter from the Publisher

By Jenn Rich | Mar 01, 2021

Dear Dog News Readers,

We hope you and your pups are staying warm during this cold period. I am grateful that it was not this cold for the entire winter and that we are now on the home stretch towards spring! Pepper was quite excited once we did finally get some snow. One night we went out and I could tell she was trying to contain herself on her leash, but she kept having little bursts of energy and then it just broke out into full on zoomies. She ran around me in a circle while still on the leash and would pause then circle again. I couldn’t help but laugh because I could only picture what this looked like, but the poor thing really needed to get out some energy, so I set her free, and she ran all over through the snow and returned a seemingly satisfied girl.

We had to say goodbye to her kitchen bed (crate pad) because I dropped something that was glass and wanted to wash it to make sure there weren’t any shards in it. Upon doing so, one of the seams let go and most of the fluff came out in the washing machine. I contemplated stuffing it all back in and sewing it, but the final verdict was that it might just be time for a new one. This dog has beds all over, one in the kitchen, living room, and office. The living room bed is where she devours treats such as doggie ice creams and licky mats that take a little time to eat. This is where she also performs surgery on her toys.

Sometimes I like to watch her sleep. She has the most velvety, shiny black fur and often her legs get moving or even her lips. My favorite is when she wags her tail in her sleep. It’s a powerful tail though and might wake you up if you too are also trying to sleep.

She really is quite the joy to have around and the best company. I just can’t believe that next month she will turn 7! Time goes by way too fast.

Stay warm and healthy and have a lovely March!

All the best,

Jenn and Pepper