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Myiah and Duke

Apr 01, 2019

Meet Myiah and Duke! (Myiah 3 yr old female mixed breed and Duke 1 yr old male mixed breed) These two sweethearts came to us full of porcupine quills and are finally ready to find their very own home, together! They love one another very much and seek an equally affectionate family to complement their bond.


Duke is an outgoing lover who wants all your affection, all the time, sometimes at the expense of Myiah - Duke just butts his way right into the love! He is a glutton for snacks which will hopefully help him with his basic training; a refresher on manners and some consistent housetraining would be just what this youngin' needs to be the best big boy he can be. In return, Duke is ready to shower you with endless - and we mean endless - love and kisses. Myiah appears reserved but don't let that fool you; she wants your love just as much as Duke does. Tail wags abound when these babies see a human they love.


These two have no known history with any animals and children; that being said, they are a lotta dog, and based on our observations of them here at the shelter, we feel they'd do best as the only dogs in their home. We recommend good judgement with slight caution introducing to cats due to the lack of history. We are recommending children 12+ for these two at this point in time as Myiah can be afraid of sudden movements; all children are required to come meet these two first to ensure a proper fit for all.


Due to the vet history for Duke and Myiah, and the possibility that some quills may re-emerge, a vet relationship is required to adopt this pair so that any further needs can be addressed in a timely manner.


Do you have room in your heart and home for not one, but two loving pups? Come to Bangor Humane Society and ask about Duke and Myiah today!