Downeast Dog News

November Letter from the Publisher

By Jenn Rich | Oct 29, 2021

Dear Dog News Readers,

I’m not quite sure where this year went. Here it is the November issue, and before we know it, the holidays will be upon us. I must say, I have very much enjoyed fall thus far. I took a week off in early October, and I was blessed with the best weather. I decided to embrace all things fall; I went on a few hikes, picked apples, and bought pumpkins. I also took Pepper for a few swims at the lake before the water got too cold. A couple of those days I almost felt as though I could hop in myself.

I haven’t been on a hike in quite a while. I usually save them for spring and fall but where Pepper has become fearful of other dogs and needs some counter conditioning, we usually find other things we can enjoy together. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people let their dogs hike off leash. I encountered this on one of my hikes. I had moved off to the side to let other people pass and along comes two people and two off leash dogs. They were nice enough dogs, and I did not feel threatened, but I love dogs. What if I was afraid of dogs or allergic or if I had a dog with me that might not enjoy a loose dog approaching? What’s worse is the humans didn’t even glance my way and went on having a conversation while one of the dogs stopped and leaned up against me. I was thankfully leaning against a tree because we were on a rocky incline. He stayed there for a minute or two before re-joining his group. It could have been a different situation for someone else. When we are out in public with our pups, we need to follow rules, be considerate of others, and clean up our messes, so we will continue to be welcome, not to mention keep everyone safe.

Hopefully, you have had the time to get out to enjoy this warmer fall weather. If you have, you may have noticed more ticks once again. Keep up on your preventatives and check yourself when you come inside.

Warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy Thanksgiving! Take time to pause and count your blessings.

All the best,

Jenn and Pepper