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Obedience Training

By Baxter | Oct 02, 2015

Not long after you land in your human’s home they’re likely to take you to obedience training. I don’t even like the sound of those words. The important thing to remember is that it’s really training for humans. We know how to sit. We know how to run to our favorite human. We know that humans sometimes feel safer if they can attach themselves to us with a leash. Obedience training is all about humans finding a way to let us know when they want us to sit, when they want us to come to them. So while we just want to play with the other dogs, we have to be on our best behavior and listen to humans chatter back and forth to find the words to communicate with us. I once fell asleep while waiting.

It’s crucial at this important time in your relationship with your humans to help them understand your priorities. Playing with other dogs is right at the top of the list. Running after a ball, sniffing around, chasing the cat, looking for that bone you hid, rolling in some new and exciting scent, lying down in the shade – in fact most anything is more important than listening to your humans say, ‘Come.’ ‘Sit.’ ‘Stay.’ ‘Down.’ If there’s no cat in sight, no other dogs to play with; if you are tired of looking for that bone then perhaps you might have time to wander in their general direction when they yell, ‘Come.’

As to the leash, my approach when I was a puppy was to ‘walk nice’ when they were handing out treats, otherwise to take the leash in my mouth and walk my humans.

Obedience training is a challenge. It requires patience while your humans learn ways to communicate with you. It’s a struggle but they’ll get it. Eventually.