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Oh, the Suffering of Puppies

By Baxter | Aug 31, 2015

Humans seem to have only one word for puppies: No! It goes something like this: Can I chew on this shoe? No? Oh, I just found its mate. No. How about your hand? No. This magazine? No. A stick of firewood? No. This paper towel roll? No. Oh, I gotta pee, I gotta pee! Oh, that feels so much better. NO! NO! NO!

Sometimes your human will hand you an acceptable chew toy in exchange for the illegal chew – something acceptable to your human, that is. For you, it’s the same old boring toy. Other times your human will take your hard-found treasure right out of your mouth and walk away. In the case of an accident, he might even pick you up and put you outside. Humiliating, to say the least.

It helps that most puppies are cute. Even ugly puppies have their own charm. Hopefully you’ve spent time endearing yourself to your humans, doing cute things: rolling over on your back, licking – or trying to lick faces, stumbling over your own paws. Humans also seem to love watching puppies chasing their tails. Go figure. All these things help and humans don’t usually stay angry at the small mistakes too long. Now if you’ve been chewing on their favorite couch (how could you know?) or pooping on their new rug – then I’m afraid no words of wisdom from this column can help you.

It’s important to remember that as you grow older their tolerance for the things you love – the taste of sweaty leather, the satisfaction of tearing a roll of toilet paper to shreds – quickly diminishes. What they put up with yesterday may get the ‘No’ word today. Try distracting them with things you’ve learned – like walking on a leash or coming when called. Show them you are really earnest about being the very best puppy you can be and you’ll do just fine.