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Rescue of the Month: Bangor Humane Society

“Every Match Made is a Life Saved”
By Susan Spisak | Feb 01, 2017

“Every Match Made is a Life Saved”
By Susan Spisak | Feb 1, 2017
Stacey R. Coventry, Director of Development and Public Relations at the Bangor Humane Society (BHS), says they’re probably the largest shelter in north and eastern Maine—they serve over 200 communities and have been around since 1869. “We focus on domestic animals,” cats, bunnies, domestic birds and dogs, with canines representing about a third of their average annual intake. She adds that dogs seem to “fly” off their adoption floor, and they have innovative programs that boost that process.
Their Adoption Ambassador program is funded by an ASPCA grant; it allows trained Adoption Ambassadors to provide temporary housing for one of their dogs while they assist in finding the perfect permanent match. The Ambassadors schedule the meet and greet with potential adopters, and the dog is adopted from their home. BHS supplies all food, supplies, and necessary veterinary care.
Stacey says this is a great way for potential adopters to meet a dog outside of the kennel environment. Some dogs just don’t “show” well in a kennel; their personality comes out when they’re relaxed and in a home environment. The Adoption Ambassador program also opens space at BHS, allowing them to take in dogs from overcrowded Maine shelters or Road Trip Home Animal Rescue in Georgia.
Fast Track Dog’s Day Out allows people to sign a dog out for a few hours for a walk or a visit to their home; this gives the animal a break from the kennel. They fill out paperwork and agree to have the pet back before the shelter closes that day. Perhaps Stacey’s favorite Fast Track story is that of a couple who is in the market for a dog. They stop in often and take a different dog for a spin. They aren’t sure what breed or temperament will fit their lifestyle, but eventually their thoughtful consideration will pan out and a lucky dog will find a caring home.
Pets 4 Farmer Vets is a BHS partnership with the United Farmer Veterans of Maine, a non-profit committed to helping veterans achieve success in agriculture. “There are real opportunities to match veterans with companion dogs,” says Stacey. They are aware that some dogs thrive in a farm environment; they can also comfort a vet and help with PTSD. To date, they’ve placed about a half-dozen dogs through Pets 4 Farmer Vets.
Interested vets should contact Jerry Ireland, the Executive Director of United Farmer Veterans of Maine at 207-322-7625. He pre-screens potential adopters and sends the info on to BHS. Adoption fees are waived and dog training vouchers are provided. For all details, visit
For information on all programs, including fostering, low-cost spay/neuter for low-income individuals and families, volunteering, adopting, and donating to this non-profit, visit They are located at 693 Mt. Hope Avenue, Bangor, ME. Call them at 207-942-8902. Stacey adds a last thought: their dogs are adopted quickly, so be sure to check the website frequently for new pets.