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Rescue of the Month: Greater Androscoggin County Humane Society

A Kind, Compassionate & Safe Place for Animals in Need
By Susan Spisak | Jun 01, 2021

Lewiston’s Greater Androscoggin County Humane Society, GAHS, formerly the Lewiston-Auburn SPCA, was founded in 1885. They’ve been in their new Lewiston facility for over a decade at 55 Strawberry Ave, and they’re proud of what they’ve accomplished, know their efforts make a difference, and are thankful that area people support them.

Case in point, when I spoke with Katie Lisnik, Executive Director for GAHS, she shared that they had successfully partnered with WIGY 105.5/96.9 on a recent fundraiser, “For the Love of Pets Radiothon,” which raised over $10k for their nonprofit. Fundraising has looked different this past year – so this was a win for them. According to Lisnik, the Bennet Radio Group purchased and is reinvigorating the station, and its owner, who “loves animals,” as well as the spirited DJ’S and amazing sponsors, are looking forward to this being an annual event. “We were really, really thrilled to work with them.”

Their main mission is their adoption efforts. They take in strays and relinquishments (and out-of-state pets as well), provide quality care to improve their lives, and match them to the best, loving homes. The facility can shelter roughly 30 dogs and close to 80 cats (Puppies and kittens skew these numbers - each litter would be snuggled together safely in one kennel.)

The Humane Society has extended missions and offers other unique programs – “Home to Vacationland” being one of those. Lisnik said in addition to their strays and relinquishments, people want small and younger dogs. To that end, they have transport connections in Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, and Alabama. And they’re always searching for more partners, to import adoptables. “The amount of love and capacity that Mainers have for animals is almost inexhaustible, which is lovely.”

There’s the “owned animal” Temporary Care Program. People requiring hospitalization or who have emergency situations may qualify for short-term housing for their companion animals if no other options exist. Additionally, GAHS partners with Safe Voices to provide interim care for pets belonging to victims of domestic violence. Lisnik indicated they’d like to expand this and include homeless shelters, etc., to be there for animal-owners in need.

GAHS relies on their fosters – volunteers who’ve been through orientation and are trained to care for pets in their own homes. These individuals work under a Foster Coordinator, and they utilize a private Facebook page as their informational platform. Interested in fostering dogs, cats, and kittens? Visit (Applications are available at this link.)

For those 65 and up, there’s Special Pets for Seniors, where canines and felines, 8 and over, are available at a half-off adoption fee. The caveat is that they’re in-state dogs already altered before arriving at the nonprofit. GAHS understands the therapeutic benefits a companion animal provides and are offering this opportunity to seniors.

To donate to GAHS, consider monetary sponsorships. To see their wish list of tangible items, For all their adoptable dogs,