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Rescue of the Month: Second Chance Boxer Rescue

Places Boxers in Need in Loving Homes
By Susan Spisak | Sep 01, 2018

Second Chance Boxer Rescue, Inc. (SCBR) is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit that places Boxers in loving homes. The Boxers come to them for a variety of reasons--they may be strays from shelters, owner surrenders for any number of reasons, and/or because of abuse or neglect. Their goal is to help provide a safe harbor for those who might otherwise be euthanized.

They were incorporated in New York in 2000 and prior to that were known as Rochester Boxer Rescue & Maine Boxer Rescue. They are governed by a Board of Directors and place their dogs in homes across Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Once a Boxer is part of SCBR’s program, they’re fully-vetted, brought up-to-date on shots and preventatives, spayed/neutered, and placed in a foster home. Because of their foster program, they’re able to evaluate the dog’s temperament and get a good read on their personality--thus they can make a better adoption match. SCBR board member and Maine resident Nora Cummings said their placement group is terrific at that task. “We don’t have a huge amount of returns.” She added that they do have a fair amount of repeat adopters.

I asked Cummings about the character of Boxers. “They’re very family-oriented dogs, they love children, they love to be part of the family, and are playful.” She went on to say that they’re sensitive, don’t like to be left alone much, and while they tend to be strong-willed, they’re very trainable.

Boxers very often think (and may act) like children. Cummings cited her own two as prime examples. When her kids have friends over, her Boxers want to be right in the mix. If they try to shoo their pets from the room, at least one of the dogs will hide under the bed, so they’re not excluded from the fun. “They’re like a naughty 3-year-old sister.” She said for extra mischief, the dogs weave in and out of her long drapes as if they’re veils and playing dress-up with them.

Boxers are part of the AKC’s Working Group Class and out of 194 AKC breeds, they rank number 10 in popularity. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years; their coloring is fawn or brindle. They require plenty of exercise, meaning daily walks or jogs, and/or canine play groups (provided they’re physically able).

In 2009, SCBR rehomed an astounding 269 Boxers and while that number has declined over the years (Cummings said there hasn’t been as great of a need), one never knows what the future holds. If fosters are available, they can respond to a local call for help. For info on fostering, please email their Foster Coordinator at

If you’re interested in adopting one of their dogs, fill out an application at Expect a phone interview, vet check, and landlord references (if applicable), and a home visit. Know that most of their dogs are fostered in New York and Connecticut. Adopters must travel to pick up their new pet--they will not relocate the dog for you.