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Rescue of the Month: Tall Tails Beagle Rescue

Finding Forever Homes for Unwanted Beagles
By Susan Spisak | Jan 01, 2020

In 2016, I chatted with Chris Abbe, founder of the 501(c)3 Tall Tails Beagle Rescue (TTBR). I was impressed with his dedicated nonprofit and wanted to catch up with him because he’s now in his 20th year of rehoming his beloved breed.

It started with the passing of his Beagle, Maggie, in the late 90’s. He was living in Pennsylvania, and he channeled his grief by starting a rescue to help other Beagles in need. He left that organization in good hands, moved to Maine, and subsequently initiated TTBR in 2005 in Falmouth. In the nonprofit’s first five years, they were rescuing and rehoming about 50 dogs a year. In 2010, he moved TTBR to his Pleasant Hill Kennels acreage in Freeport. Thanks to the extra space, that rescue number bumped to roughly 100 dogs a year, and they’re still tracking at that rate.

While the group has a few fosters, most rescues are housed and cared for at Pleasant Hill Kennels. They’re separated from the boarding clients. “We’re very attentive to health issues,” Chris explained. Instead, they have their own kennels with outdoor runs and a gated play area where they can socialize and exercise. And once the rescues are adopted, Chris offers his returning “alumni dogs” a boarding discount.

The big news that Chris was excited to share was that they’ve built an additional building for TTBR and Pleasant Hill Kennels. “It’s a much nicer facility,” he said. Meagan Vandeursen, manager for both operations, explained that it has various areas – there’s a large open room for events and training, a grooming and daycare section, office and staff area, and the rescue’s quarantine area.

Their dogs may be owner relinquishments or from out-of-state partners who need assistance. They may travel leg-to-leg, meaning fosters and a transportation group arrange the multi-state transport until the dogs are safely in Maine. This was the case with the Beagles they recently received from RescueConnect in Wilmington, North Carolina (They take in many dogs from this partner organization). “They probably won’t be here long,” he added, meaning they’ll be adopted quickly. They partner with All Sato Rescue in Puerto Rico – but they’re not purebred. “They’re small dogs that are Beagle-sized, but not “Beagle-Beagle,” he said.

If you think a Beagle may be for you, know that they’re 13 to 15 inches at shoulder height and weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. They’re scent hounds, so off-leash activities aren’t a good idea – they’ll be exploring. Long frequent leashed walks help expend their energy. A traditional fenced yard is best, so they can stretch their legs and get fresh air. Beagles socialize well with other canines, are great lap dogs, live about 15 years, and are generous with their affection. For more info on their temperament, visit

If you’d like to foster or donate (money, Amazon gift cards and food are welcomed), please visit their website. You can see all their “adoptables” there as well. Please note that all their dogs have been vet checked, are up-to-date on shots, have been spayed or neutered, and temperament checked.