Downeast Dog News


By Baxter | Nov 02, 2015

Do you have more than one chew? Maybe a nice marrow bone, a couple of chew flips, and a nice piece of knotted rawhide? In addition to chews you probably have a couple of favorite plush toys to keep nearby in case of a storm.

Now compare your few toys and chews to your humans’ hoard of shoes. They have shoes to walk in, shoes to run in, shoes to hike in; they have shoes that don’t cover their toes and big heavy boots; they have shoes to put on in the morning (btw, I love these – they’re so soft and chewy). They have shoes they can slip on and shoes they have to tie. They have fancy shiny shoes for special times. They have old ratty shoes to wear around the house.

And what are they doing when they aren’t wearing shoes? They’re looking for them. How often have you seen your human wandering around with one shoe in her hand? Where does the other shoe go? I’ve never seen one move by itself.

When we’re puppies, they try to hide their shoes from us – which is great because once we find the hoard, it’s one-stop shopping for the best smelling, best tasting shoe to chew.

It hurts my feet to think of all those shoes. Why do they do it? We do just fine running on grass, walking on the road, swimming, playing in mud and snow; climbing hills, scampering over rocks big and small, chasing cats, batting balls, digging holes and playing with each other. What’s the point of shoes? Is it because they have only two feet? If you look at their feet, they do appear pretty useless for anything but standing on: no claws, no fur, no nice thick pads. They probably lost all those when they first put on shoes. Pity.