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Snow Days

from January '08
By Baxter | Mar 02, 2015

In tribute to our long time contributor, Baxter, we will be reprising some of his best pieces from over the years. This month's column was first printed in the January 2008.

Snow Days

First, I have to tell you my father gave me a wonderful thick coat and a long bushy tail. In the summer I’m always looking for a cool place. I lay down in puddles. I dig holes and lay in them. Inside, I find cool tiles to lie on. Not all dogs have lots of fur. If you are a greyhound, you might want to skip this column.

But the winter brings snow and for a dog like me, it’s pure rapture. When my humans let me out into the first snow of the winter I immediately lay down in it. I soak up the cold and let it spread into my chest and tummy. I roll on my back and wriggle around. I rub my neck in it. It covers my face and eyebrows and nose. Heaven has returned to my world.

I love to play in snow: to run and jump into the big piles my humans build. I love to grab chunks of it and play keep away with my humans. I love to snoot around in it, following the sent of rabbits and other furry things – and discovering the occasional bone from last summer. I love to eat snow. Well, most of it. Some of it tastes awful. But if I stay with the pristine white stuff, it tastes wonderful: frosty and pure, better than the water my humans give me.

I love to run as fast as I can in snow, bounding and dodging and weaving around my humans, scattering snow into the air, creating narrow trails that turn on one another. I love to duck into the woods and feel the snow on my back as I brush past the trees.

Winter is my season and snow is my passion.