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By Baxter | Feb 01, 2015
Photo by: William Kunitz

I don’t think I’ll ever understand humans. First, as I mentioned a while back, after years of dry food they started giving me moist, yummy meaty food. But before long that, too, lost its flavor and I stopped eating it. You would have thought they’d be angry with me for turning up my nose at such good food but no, instead they started feeding me their food.  I’ve spent a lifetime trying to convince them to share then a few days ago they finally started sharing. I didn’t even have to ask. In the last day or two I’ve lost interest even in their food. Maybe it never was that good. I don’t know.

I’ve now taken to hanging out in the snow. After all, winter is my time of year. This year seems special. The snow feels wonderfully cool on my body. When it’s falling I feel like I’m being enfolded in and held close by soothing, comforting hands.  Unfortunately my human calls me inside after just one or two dreams. I try to ignore him. Sometimes it works but usually I give up and go inside.

And when I’m inside, my human seems different. He will sit down beside me and pet me. I don’t even have to ask. He’ll be petting me and without warning he’ll start shaking; water streams from his eyes, snot drips from his nose and he makes sounds that make me uncomfortable. I wish there was something I could do to help him feel better.

Today he’s home. He usually leaves for the day but today he wants to spend all his time with me. That’s great. I love my human. I wish he’d come out and lie in the snow with me. I think he’s planning to take me to the vet later. I hope it doesn’t take long. I want to get back to the snow.



Baxter Gephart Kunitz  2005-2015