Downeast Dog News


Jul 03, 2017

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Mix

Age: 2 year old +/-; Spayed Female

Weight: 40 pounds

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unknown

Kids: 8+

Crate Trained : Yes

House Trained : Yes

Location: Wisconsin


Meet Sophia, the sweetest little love bug you could ever hope to welcome into your home! She adores people and is very eager to please.


She is very responsive and bonds quickly with the humans who are taking care of her, and once she gets to know you, it takes little more than a motion in her direction or a kind word spoken to get her tail thumping. Sophia is great with other dogs (not cats); she positively adores the 9-year-old Catahoula in her foster home (he took some convincing, but Sophia eventually won him over with her sweetness and charm!). Sophia is mostly very mellow for her young age, but she puts her puppy silliness on display occasionally when she sprints in circles around the back yard or lies on her back to play “Patty Cakes” with her paws.


Sophia does well with two walks per day (she especially enjoys “pack” walks with her foster fur buddy!) plus some time to sniff around and luxuriate in a sunny yard or park. Otherwise, she’s perfectly content to snuggle as close as she can get to her human and canine family members. Sophia will fit in well with and make a wonderful companion for many types of families. An ideal situation for her will be one in which she has human or canine company most of the time so she won’t get lonely. If you’re looking to add a perfect bit of spotted cuteness to your family, Sophia’s your girl! email Catahoula Rescue at