Downeast Dog News

Spring Scents

By Baxter | Mar 31, 2015

Winter is a very boring time for my nose. Of course, being part husky, I love lying in the snow chewing on a bone or bounding over big drifts, following my humans around – but except for the big groundhog hole out back and the occasional rabbit footprint in the snow there isn’t much to interest my nose.

Spring is different. It’s a magnificent nasal feast. The hard ground has softened and released irresistible scents of pine cones and warm moss, of footprints in the leftover snow; scents of new things growing - and even better, leathery bits of former animals and wonderful things to rub my neck in. I let my nose carry me here and there, to follow trails of small animals and discover scat that has been buried all winter. I love to root around the edges of snow and dig down into the soft earth. And I can chase the cat again! It’s very frustrating when he can run on top of the snow crust and I sink in up to my belly. Now at last it’s an even chase.

I think my humans understand my joy and they let me follow where my nose leads me. We’re so lucky to have so much woods and water around our house and they don’t seem to mind if I run off into the woods or take time to bury my nose in a tree root hideaway and compare all the smells with my memories of past springs.

Yes, spring is a time to wake up and smell the earth and all it has to offer.