Downeast Dog News


Jul 08, 2022

Squiggy is a Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix, a Velcro puppy. He enjoys running in the yard, playing fetch, & is good with other dogs. He never digs in the yard and minds well when it’s time to go in and out. Squiggy is kennel and potty trained, with the occasional accident if left in the kennel too soon after a meal or drink. He is working on sit and stay and enjoys his treat rewards. Squiggy walks well on a halter, not so much on a leash. He still gets anxious in new places and around cars; shows it by stopping in place and looking to his person for guidance. He would love a family with other dogs to play with but would be just as happy with an energetic and playful person. He will steal children’s stuffed toys, balls, and the occasional sock or two!

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