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Staying Cool in the Summer

[this is based on an August, 2008 column]
By Baxter | Aug 03, 2015

I’ve written more than once about the alarming lack of fur on humans. Still, there is one time of year when a nearly hairless body has an advantage: the dog days of August. A few of us get those unfortunate ‘summer cuts,’ others don’t have much fur to start with. I’ve got lots of fur and I’d never stand to have it cut. So what’s a dog to do?  The answer is simple: shed as much as you can (I find rolling on the carpet works well) then find a cool place and stay there. Here are some tips:

Take a tip from elephants and hippos: wallow in mud puddles. I’ve been doing that since I was a puppy. Mud is the cool that keeps on cooling. Lie in it for as long as you want then carry the cool mud with you – until it dries. Unfortunately, your humans may not approve of this method of cooling off.

Humans love ponds. The little ones have shallow ponds you can step right into. The alphas may have a big pond they fuss over all the time - but if it’s sunk in the ground you can make their pond your pond. Warning: the water smells a bit like the vet’s office – but it’s cool and wet.

No pond? Dig a hole and lie in it. Find a shady spot under a bush or in a cool corner and use the claws dog almighty has given you to dig yourself a nice cool hole. You may have to remove a few plants. No worry. Climb in, curl up and snooze.

But what if you are inside? Stay away from rugs when it’s really warm. I personally like a tile floor. Tile is wonderful, if a bit hard. You can feel it draw the heat away from your body and in no time you’ll stop panting and be able to enjoy a little nap.


Thought for the month: Never laugh at a naked human – especially in the summer!