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Stupid Human Tricks

By Baxter | Sep 30, 2014

What annoys you most about your humans? See if any of your pet peeves match this list:

Roughhousing. Roughhousing is fine when we’re outside but when I’ve just awaken from a three dream nap and all I want to do is go out and pee but they have to stop to rustle my ears (don’t they know what that sounds like?) or pat my side or slap my butt. Come on. We’ll play after I pee.

Pretend throws. I just hate it when I my human shows me a ball, starts to throw it and I run after it, only to discover it’s still in his hand. Oh, and to add insult to injury he is laughing so hard he can barely stand on his two hind feet.

Leaving the car door open when they don’t plan to take me with them.  That’s just cruel. It’s humiliating to jump in only to be told you can’t ride along.

But the worst is around food:

Missing feeding time. Come on. You fed me yesterday at this time – and the day before and the one before that. You know this is the time I eat. So where’s my food? Do I have to carry my dish over to you like a TV dog? I’m hungry. It’s time. You have the thumbs. Exercise them. Feed me!

What’s worse is how distracted humans can be when they do get around to feeding you. One scoop of food and they’re off to check something on the stove. Or they open the cooler door for some reason. Or they are about to put your bowl down and someone shows up at the door and they have to answer it. JUST PUT THE BOWL DOWN!

And finally, there is the mysterious disappearance of your food bowl when you least expect it. Oh, they washed it? They swept the floor around it? No, there’s no excuse for moving your food bowl.