Downeast Dog News


Oct 05, 2020

Sweet Sully is an alumni pup of ours that had to come back into rescue because of changing family circumstances. He is three years old and we think he may be an Anatolian Shepherd mix. He’s a great medium size and just gorgeous as you can see. Sully was part of a group of siblings that were very scared when they were rescued. Because they were rescued as older pups, they missed out on the critical socialization that is needed before the age of 4 months. He still is a very shy boy and is working with our rehabilitation specialist to help us understand exactly what he needs in a new family.


He is for sure dependent on other dogs and would need at least one canine sibling. He bonds much better with dogs than humans but he remains curious all the time about a gentle human who enters his world. We would not place Sully with small children because of his fear. Sully loves a fenced yard, and playing with a dog buddy in the yard is probably his favorite thing. Walking on a leash is still a work in progress because Sully will get scared easily but he is getting better each time.


Sully is one of those dogs that will bond hard when he does, and be really attached to his person, so it’s important that he has experienced dog owners that don’t foster too much dependence and who will help him not become a defender of people and property. He rides in the car quietly and he ignores cats.


Please contact us at for more information or to apply for Sully