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Test your knowledge!

Some Summer Fun!
By | Aug 01, 2018

See how you and your friends do with this little test. Hey, you might learn something, too!

Each question has 1-3 correct responses. See the end of the column for answers.

1. What’s the “Sensitive Period?”

a Time of day when your dog jumps when touched.

b Age at which a puppy’s brain is particularly receptive to learning about the world and acquiring important social and coping skills (3-14 weeks of age)

c The one-hour period of time the dog spends pouting after being disciplined by the cat

2. What is “Superstitious Behavior”?

a When a dog walks around at night pretending to be a werewolf

b Unintentionally-rewarded behaviors the dog thinks he has to do in order to get the reward

c When your dog avoids black cats under ladders

3. Can more than one dad be involved in the conception of a litter of puppies?

a yes

b no

4. How long have dogs been domesticated?

a 1,000 to 5,000 years

b 10,000 years, give or take a few thousand

c Between 15 and 30,000 years

5 What is “capturing”?

a Finally securing your dog after he’s been eluding you for hours.

b Rewarding a behavior naturally offered by the dog

c When the dog pirate boards the ship and takes all the bones.

6 Are dogs predators?

a No

b Duh, YES!

c What's a predator?

7 What is an “alpha”?

a [Human]: being a *!*~!!` jerk by trying to exert physical or emotional power and control over another being, just ‘cause…

b The breeding pair in a pack of wolves

c The boss

8 Are dogs “pack animals?”

a Yes

b No

9 What’s “flooding”?

a Intense exposure to a stimulus typically feared by the dog

b Overwhelming your dog with treats

c Giving your dog a bath when he doesn’t want one

10 What’s “Learned Helplessness?”

a When a dog refuses to go somewhere

b How the US Congress operates

c A situation with a history of repeated painful or unpleasant associations from which the dog knows she is unable to escape or avoid. This results in the dog shutting down, going immobile, freezing, etc. Sometimes confused with “submission.”

11 What’s a “Marker”?

a A sound or other clear signal that tells the dog what he did at that moment will be rewarded.

b A dog that likes to urinate on things to prove he’s the boss

c A specific marking on a dog

12 Approximately how many dogs are there in the world?

a 500 million

b 700 million

c One billion

13 Of those, about how many are pets?

a 90%

b 25%

c 60%

14 How can you “poison” a cue?

a repeatedly use the cue without delivering relevant rewards - to the point where there’s no longer a response.

b Say “bad dog” whenever you ask your dog to do something

c Use distasteful language when you cue your dog

15 What’s the best description of “socialization”?

a meeting people

b meeting humans

c the exposure to novelty

16 What’s “Back-Chaining”?

a Tying your dog up by fastening a chain to his harness

b Training a behavior by rewarding the last part of the behavior chain first, then working back towards the first part of the behavior chain

c A back massage using a small, soft chain.

17 What’s the “Premack Principle”?

a You must eat your veggies before you can have dessert. (A highly probability behavior will strengthen a low-probability behavior.)

b Before Mack arrives on the scene. When he leaves, it’s the “aftermack.”

c If you do something many times in a row, you will get better at it.

18 What’s “Learning Theory”?

a Learning what to do to be your dog’s boss

b Whatever you want, you should have!

c The general explanation of how sentient beings learn, based on science and evidence-based research.

19 What’s the opposite of “positive reinforcement”?

a “undecided reinforcement”

b “negative reinforcement”

c “positive punishment”

20 What drives behavior?

a The chauffeur

b Consequence

c The command

21 What’s “Classical conditioning”?

a Pairing two unrelated stimuli

b Getting your dog accustomed to Mozart

c A special doggie shampoo

22 What’s an “Extinction Burst”?

a The temporary strengthening of an undesirable behavior as it is being eliminated

b When a puppy has a case of sudden zooms, then spontaneously takes a nap

c It happens when a species thought to be extinct comes back

23 What’s an example(s) of a common “Environmental Reinforcer”?

a Pursuit of a squirrel

b Examining the latest Pee-mail

c A wonderful smell


1b, 2b, 3a, 4c [research continues!], 5b, 6a [while dogs exhibit some predatory behaviors, they are primarily scavengers], 7ab, 8b [wolves are pack animals; dogs are not], 9a, 10c, 11a, 12c, 13b [and “pets” doesn’t mean “owned” or in a home], 14a, 15c [meeting people and dogs is just a drop in the bucket of socialization], 16b, 17a, 18c, 19c, 20b, 21a, 22a, 23abc