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The Problem with Cats

By Baxter | Dec 01, 2015

My humans got a cat about the same time they got me. It was a standard, garden variety cat: It coughed up hairballs, sat under the window waiting for birds to run into it, brought a number of small, unidentifiable animal parts to our door. When it was in, it wanted to go out. When it was out, it wanted to come in. It slept in impossible positions, ate my food and was allowed to do its business inside in a little box in the basement.

But here is the problem with cats: even though they are four-legged animals with a head at one end and a tail at the other – just like all of us – they refuse to be dogs. When I was a puppy I wanted to play with our cat in the worst way. I wanted to sniff its butt, chew its ears, roll around on the ground with it, chase it – but not up a tree – just far enough until it would turn around and start chasing me. I wanted to run and fetch balls with it, play keep away and tug of war, dig holes, run through puddles, play in the snow.

And what was the cat’s response? If I was lucky it would just raise its back, hiss and walk away. On days when I wasn’t so lucky, I’d come away with a bloody nose!  What kind of friendship is that?

Why can’t cats be like dogs. Why to they have to be so aloof, so prissy, always preening themselves, half the time completely ignoring me. Lately, our cat has taken to rubbing up against me but as soon as I turn around to chew on its ear, it gets all huffy and hisses at me.

I’ll never understand cats. Why can’t there just be dogs?