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Things Your Humans Don’t Tell You

By Baxter | Dec 01, 2014

There are a lot of things your humans don’t tell you – like where they go all day or why some days you get to go to day care and other days they leave you home to be bored and get into trouble.

If you’ve seen this column lately you’ll know that I haven’t been feeling well. The humans have a name for it but it means nothing to me. Lately I’ve been feeling especially lousy and I completely lost interest in the dry food THEY’VE BEEN FEEDING ME FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS!!! Sorry. I didn’t mean to shout. When I stopped eating I started feeling even worse but I just wasn’t interested in anything – not even biscuits. I think that scared my human.

So yesterday he came home with some containers of stuff that even before being opened smelled pretty good. He opened one of them and mixed it in with the dry food I’VE BEEN EATING FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS. Right then I thought I’d gone to heaven. This stuff is delicious! And there are pictures of dogs on the container. I think it’s made for dogs. It’s tasty, meaty stuff made especially for us! I can't get enough of it. I don’t think this is new. Have my humans been holding out on me? Did they somehow not know about this? It’s enough to make me rethink our relationship. I’ll tell you one thing: there ain’t no going back. Dry dog food? Pfft!. I’m done with you.

The holiday season is the perfect time for you to make the switch. If you are getting nothing but dry food, start walking right past that bowl. It may be hard to do but if you can convince them of your resolve, they might give in. After all, it is the giving season.

Happy holidays!