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By Carolyn Fuhrer | Apr 01, 2021

New Agility Course Test – Jumpers 1 and 2

This year, in addition to the ACT 1 Standard and ACT 2 Standard levels, AKC has added 2 additional levels: ACT 1 Jumpers and ACT 2 Jumpers. All of the ACT events are designed for the beginning level dog to demonstrate beginning sequences and performance skills.

The ACT 2 levels in standard and jumpers requires an increased skill level shown by additional obstacles to be performed. Dogs must earn two passing ACT scores at each level in order to earn a title.

ACT 1/ACT 1 Jumpers and ACT 2/ACT 2 Jumpers are entry level events and are open to all dogs that have not earned a title in ANY AKC agility class and that meet the age and physical requirements for a regular AKC agility trial. In order for a dog to earn a title, the dog must be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Teams that earn ACT 1/ACT 1 Jumpers and/or ACT 2/ACT 2 Jumpers are still eligible to enter Novice A in an agility trial as long as they are otherwise eligible. ACT 1 or 2 titles do not exclude you from entering Novice A.

For the standard ACT classes, you must earn a minimum score of 85. Run outs and refusals will not be judged. If you have more than 3 attempts at the next correct obstacle, it will result in a mandatory elimination and will be signaled “F” by the judge. The 4 Paw Rule is not in effect. Standard course time for ACT 1 is 60 seconds and course time for ACT 2 is 70 seconds. ACT 1 has a minimum of 10-12 obstacles, and ACT 2 has a minimum of 11-13 obstacles.

ACT 1 and 2 obstacles will include A-frame (set at 5’), pause table, open tunnel(s)and bar jumps. The tire and panel jump can also be used. The teeter and six weave poles and a spread jump will be included in ACT 2. The dog walk can be used in ACT 2.

For the ACT Jumpers class, you must earn 85 points to qualify. Run outs and refusals will not be judged. More than 3 attempts at the next correct obstacle will result in a mandatory elimination and will be signaled by an “F” by the judge. For ACT 1 Jumper, 10-12 obstacles are required with a time limit of 50 seconds. For ACT 2 Jumpers there will be 11-13 obstacles with a time limit of 60 seconds.

Both the ACT 1 and 2 Jumpers courses can have bar jumps, panel jump, and open tunnels. Only the ACT 2 Jumpers level will have weave poles (6) and a spread jump.

This addition of the ACT Jumpers courses nicely rounds out the training opportunities for entry level agility teams. Participating and practicing for these events are wonderful learning experiences for new teams If you have never competed in agility, they are a great way to start. If you are an experienced agility exhibitor with a new dog, they are a great way to gain more experience with your dog.

On Track Agility Club of Maine is offering a workshop in ACT events and also will be offering 2 ACT titling events this summer. Contact Kathy at 207-691-2332 and watch the Downeast Dog News Calendar for more information.


Carolyn Fuhrer has earned over 125 AKC titles with her Golden Retrievers, including 2 Champion Tracker titles. She is also an AKC Tracking Judge. You can contact her with questions, suggestions, and ideas for her column by e-mailing