Downeast Dog News

Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters
Contact: Don & Liana Kingsbury
22 McKown St
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
Phone: 207-633-7387
Hours: Winter: Mon - Sat 10-5

We are tucked away in a corner of Boothbay Harbor, away from the great restaurants and the mesmerizing waterfront and footbridge. We have a bench out front if you’d like to sit for a little bit and watch the cars and people go by. We certainly never tire of it.

In the summer, it can definitely be a challenge to get to that bench. But that makes it all the sweeter, doesn’t it? If our little shop were easy to get to, we’d have a 10,000sqft store with a gigantic parking lot, efficient fluorescent lighting, and standard linoleum floors. We’d probably pack that 10,000sqft store with a bunch of overpriced junk from other countries that isn’t good for your pet, you don’t need, and that will fall apart in 40 seconds. You certainly don’t want that.

As it is, we only have 500sqft (and that’s stretching it). We need to make every square inch count. We have toys and beds made right here in the USA. We have treats and toys made right here in Maine. Our dog and cat food is almost all US & Canada-sourced and made. As one of our loyal local customers said, “You’re too small to carry any junk.”
Our goal is to show you something that you haven’t seen before. And to make you laugh. Laughing and pets should be synonymous. If you’re not laughing with your pet, why have one? We want you to come back to our little shop because you like the quality of our products and laughed with us. Not because you’re looking to get the same-old, same-old.

And yes, we have big bags of food. Those are out back in the shed because we have no room in our little shop. So once you’ve found a -legal- parking spot in Boothbay Harbor to come see us (or called us with your credit card), come check us out for those big bags. Don will run that out to your car as you pull up on our corner. That’s our solution to the lousy parking situation in Boothbay Harbor. We’re open to ANY other creative, low cost ideas.

Well-behaved, neutered dogs on leashes are always welcome in our little shop.