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I put these on sale every spring for the same exact treason I put the Tick Keys on sale every spring: You people buy a whole bunch of them.

This is the best anti-pull device I've ever seen. And it's non-punitive (That means "without punishing" to you dolts out there).

Of course I had one woman in my shop who told me "I don't want to CUT MY DOG IN HALF." I tried to explain to her that it would be easier to cut her dog's head off in a collar than cut her dog in half with a Weiss Walkie given the same pulling force. But she was uninterested in what I had to say because her vacation narrative was much more interesting with me as a nefarious snake oil salesman who wanted to cut her dog in half.

Invented by Maine dog behavioralist Emily Weiss, 100% money-back guarantee, yady yady yad.....

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