Downeast Dog News


Oct 05, 2020


Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Hound Mix

Age: 3.5 years +/-; Neutered Male

Weight: 50 pounds

Dogs: Yes; But needs to be the only dog

Cats: Yes

Kids: 10+

Crate Trained : Yes

House Trained : Yes


Hello my name is Zulie. I am a 3.5 year old cattle dog hound mix. I am a Very happy dog who loves my person the most. I love to play, I could do it all day long so I need a mom or dad that has a lot of time and energy. I love to play frisbee and fetch and I could play for hours. I am very well behaved and I never go potty in the house. I never chew on anything that isn’t my toy and I am very respectful of food that is not meant for me. I am very smart and just like any athlete I like to keep to a schedule. I love to snuggle and get belly rubs. I do get distracted easily on my walks and so I will need someone to help me learn how to walk or run properly without pulling. I am very eager to learn and I love snacks when I am a good boy. Not everybody in my short life has been very kind to me so I will need some patience and time to warm up to new people. I am happiest when I don’t have to share the attention with another animal but I do get along with other doggies. My foster mom has been working with me on training, but I still have a long way to go and so I will need a home that has lots of time. I would prefer a fenced yard with space that I can run zoomies. I can’t wait to meet my new furever person and give them all the kisses!!

Zulie is a dog for the dog-athletic; Frisbee, agility, lure coursing, flyball, etc. He is all about the physical activity and the relationship with the handler. Once he bonds with his person he loves them and has eyes for no one else. His handler simply needs to be Cattle Dog knowledgeable as well as dedicated to his well being and working with him to keep Zulie focused and working!

If you are interested in adopting Zulie please email